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NUR Introduces Two Substrates for Wide-Format Digital Printing at VisCom

Press release from the issuing company

Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, 18 September 2002 - NUR Media Solutions (NMS), the NUR Macroprinters Ltd. (Nasdaq:NURM) subsidiary that develops and markets a range of consumables for use with wide and superwide format printers, today announced two new high quality substrates - NURSAV MicroPerforated Window Film and NURPAPER WhiteBack - for wide format digital production printing applications. The new substrates are being shown for the first time on the NUR Europe stand J11-G12 in Hall 7/3 at the VisCom 2002 expo in Paris, France. "The consumables business is a central strategic focus for NUR. Our goal is to make available to our customers a full range of application-driven solutions so they can optimize the results they get from their printers," says Jan Denies, Director of Marketing at NUR Media Solutions. "Innovative, guaranteed new substrates like our new NURPAPER line and NURSAV MicroPerforated Window Film help our customers increase their productivity while opening the doors for them to new business opportunities." About NURSAV MicroPerforated Window Film NURSAV MicroPerforated Window Film from NMS can be used to produce graphics mounted on glass and similar transparent materials. Typical applications include storefronts and shop windows, vehicle windows (buses, tramways and trains) and graphics on building windows. The new NURSAV MicroPerforated Window Film is designed to provide excellent results for images needing fine text and details for close-up viewing, providing better color balance and gamut for fuller looking images, without compromising see-through effects. Its micro perforations are 1.5 mm in diameter, providing 40% open area and 60% printing area for optimum printing results. The media consists of 200 microns thick perforated PVC film (ultra stable PE coated paper) with a bright white front side and a black reverse side for maximum see-through effect. The acrylic based adhesive on the backside is removable without residue for up to six months. The 200-micron thickness results in tear-resistant durability. An ultra stable liner provides better mechanical resistance to streamline the film loading and unloading processes. Its backing is wider than the media providing better edge support to eliminate edge curling. The liner is also designed to absorb ink well resulting in faster drying times and eliminates the use of paper on the vacuum plate of the printer. About NURPAPER WhiteBack paper NURPAPER WhiteBack, the second product in the new NMS NURPAPER range of solvent compatible wide-format printing papers, is designed for printing indoor shop posters and backlit banners that are found in bus shelters, supermarkets, etc. This new solvent-ink compatible media provides excellent printing properties and superb runability and delivers good adhesion properties on a wide variety of panels and mounting materials. It provides 97% opacity under all conditions as well as outstanding dimensional stability and strong resistance to cracking and peeling. In addition, the media resists tearing along folds and once mounted, it virtually eliminates the risk of lifting. The new NURPAPER WhiteBack paper from NMS is available in 1.6-meter wide (5 foot) rolls of 300 meters (984 feet) in length and is compatible with all solvent-based wide-format digital printers. Availability Both NURSAV MicroPerforated Window Film and NURPAPER WhiteBack substrates are available immediately in Europe, the Middle East and African markets. NMS is also demonstrating the recently announced NURPAPER BlueBack Wet-Strength paper and its full line of consumables for wide-format digital production printing in the NUR Europe booth at VisCom. About NUR Media Solutions NUR Media Solutions (NMS), a wholly owned subsidiary of NUR Macroprinters Ltd., develops and markets a range of high quality consumables for wide-format and superwide digital printing applications. NMS products include inks, clear coats and a range of specialist printing substrates that enable print service providers to optimize the performance of their printing equipment. NUR Media Solutions is focused on providing total solutions that allow our customers to enhance print quality, reduce production times, improve reliability and, above all, to develop new products and services that take advantage of emerging business opportunities. More information about NUR Media Solutions is available at http://www.nurmedia.com. About NUR Macroprinters Ltd. NUR Macroprinters (Nasdaq: NURM) is a global market leader in wide and superwide digital printing solutions for the out-of-home advertising market. From its photorealistic printers to its high throughput production presses, NUR`s comprehensive line of digital printers and consumables addresses the complete range of wide and superwide format digital printing requirements. NUR`s fully digital printing solutions help customers worldwide deliver the high quality and fast turnaround they need to meet their customers` wide ranging printing requirements. More information about NUR Macroprinters is available at http://www.NUR.com.