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Dalim Twist Scores Strong in Seybold Shootout

Press release from the issuing company

KEHL, GERMANY -- September 11, 2002 -- Dalim Software announces that its DALiM TWiST workflow software was one of only two systems to perform among the Top 4 leaders on both Phase One and Phase Two of the recently concluded Seybold San Francisco 2002 PDF Workflow Shootout. The independent test was developed by Seybold Publications to determine how well vendor software could create PDF files that would avoid many pitfalls afflicting digital prepress operations (Phase 1), and to evaluate trapped, imposed, separated and output PDF files, including a contract quality proof (Phase 2). Some of the PDF-centric issues vendors were required to solve included color management, separations, overprinting, object transparency, font embedding, and trapping. Seybold created test pages using a number of applications including CorelDraw, Quark XPress, Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word. In Phase 1, DALiM TWiST scored 92 points out of a possible 100 (average was 85.4 points). Seybold concluded, „We were suitably impressed by DALiM's files that seemed admirably suited to prepress production.‰ Although various facets of the job were handled well, special commendation was noted in DALiM Twists treatment of color management, images, vector graphics and blend/gradient handling, and trapping. Dalim was also one of the few companies to successfully render all supplied imported EPS files. In Phase 2 (PDF output), DALiM TWiST scored 92 points out of a possible 100. The Dalim files were deemed of consistently good quality in all areas Seybold tested. Particularly noted were trapping, color management, fonts, vector graphics, color separation, and page geometry. DALiM TWiST version 4.5.2, used for the test, ran on a single-CPU, computer, running the Red Hat Linux 7.2 operating system, providing users a very cost-effective solution.