Seybold Publications Publishes English Edition of pdf+print 2.0

Press release from the issuing company

LOS ANGELES--March 21, 2002--Key3Media Group announced today that Seybold Publications has published the second edition of pdf+print 2.0. This popular instructional book for prepress professionals and beginners is now available in English and other languages. The original version of Bernd Zipper's pdf+print, published in German, became the definitive description of the tools and techniques required for using the PDF file format in a prepress environment. The publication was a great success in Germany, but limited in its reach to all PDF practitioners. The second edition with over 250 pages of PDF know-how, insightful descriptions of all the useful software tools and strategies for a PDF workflow, focuses on what you can do with PDF in a print environment. "pdf+print 2.0 is a valuable resource for those new to PDF,'' noted George Alexander, executive editor of Seybold Publications. "For anyone who is trying to decide between an off-the-shelf PDF workflow such as Apogee from Agfa or Prinergy from Creo/Heidelberg and the do-it-yourself alternatives, this book is essential reading.'' pdf+print 2.0 is divided into four sections. The first, PDF Basics, provides an introduction to PDF and its role in prepress processes. The Creating PDF section reviews methods for creating PDF files, including the special requirements for creating "high-end'' PDFs. The Using PDF section explores the practical issues encountered when using PDF for printing and publishing tasks, such a preflighting, editing and proofing PDF files. Finally, the PDF Workflows section highlights various ways that sequences of PDF-related tasks can be automated. pdf+print 2.0 is available for purchase on the Seybold Reports web site www.seyboldreports.com or by calling 800-325-3830 or 610-565-2480. Journalists and analysts who would like a review copy of pdf+print 2.0 should contact: George Alexander, Seybold Publications, 610-565-2480 ext. 142, [email protected]