SmartForce Signs $2.7 Million Agreement With R.R. Donnelley for e-Learning

Press release from the issuing company

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., March 6 - SmartForce, the world's largest e-Learning company, today announced a $2.7 million agreement with R.R. Donnelley, a provider of integrated communication and printing services, to deliver a comprehensive learning solution for its domestic employees in more than 100 locations and 49 manufacturing plants in the U.S. Serving customers in North America, South America, Europe and Asia/Pacific, R.R. Donnelley strives to reduce waste and costs in its manufacturing facilities and increase plant production to impact the company's profitability and ensure that it can measure success against its business goals. Since the company uses sophisticated computer-driven processes that must continually operate despite changes in its workforce, it required a learning solution to leverage and disseminate existing and new information in a time-sensitive and cost-effective way. The SmartForce solution will deliver learning that is consistent and supported throughout the organization. The integrated SmartForce solution features award-winning content, technology and services from one source. Through this solution, R.R. Donnelley can tie learning and competency models to key performance indicators and use a structured and disciplined approach to workforce development. The solution can be personalized to the individual user allowing employees to access only the learning that they need. Also, the dynamic SmartForce learning experience gives employees access to collaboration tools including real-time mentoring, virtual classrooms and a web community of more than one million users within MySmartForce. "We chose SmartForce because its fully hosted solution provides learning and competency management, customization services and content from one platform with the least number of integration points. Also key to the decision was SmartForce's profitability, vision, and forward-thinking solutions strategy. However, the most compelling benefit of implementing SmartForce e-Learning is that it will help us to develop a more focused approach to HR processes, competency, and career development and will improve our most critical business processes,'' said Haven Cockerham, senior vice president, human resources, R.R. Donnelley. "Learning is a continuous process, not an event,'' said Greg Priest, chairman and CEO of SmartForce. "For this reason, SmartForce e-Learning will work well in R.R. Donnelley's organization as it will serve as a continuous enabler of its processes and will help it to increase efficiencies in its facilities, reduce costs and meet its operational objectives.''