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DALiM Extends Production Performance, Remote Management at IPEX

Press release from the issuing company

At IPEX 2002 (NEC, Birmingham, UK, April 9-17, 2002) DALiM Software GmbH, the leading supplier of innovative prepress workflow and production solutions, launches several important new products and options which add significant performance and management benefits to its range of software. On the Turning Point Technologies stand, Dalim Software's UK distributor, the company will show the latest versions of its full product suite including: TWiST, the industry's most open, flexible and highest productivity digital workflow; LiTHO, a fully-featured page viewer and editor allowing application-independent page editing; SWiNG, Linux-based predefined workflow modules; and FiCELLE, its unique, internet-based, production tracking and management system for publications giving users real-time information from anywhere, at anytime. New product highlights at IPEX include the launch of: - flexible new Internet-based remote viewing, digital proofing and management tools - a world-first capability to unlock proprietary workflows, giving users the freedom to drive virtually any output device of their choice - a powerful new version of LiTHO optimized to open and handle files of practically any size See below for further details. TWiST: The Fastest, Most Flexible Digital Front End In The Industry DALiM Software‚s TWiST is powerful digital workflow software based on modular tools that can handle any file format and be rapidly configured into an almost infinite variety of automatic processing paths. New modules for TWiST which will be launched at IPEX include: - TWiST DiALOGUE: an on-line facility which allows the remote and collaborative viewing and proofing of high-resolution files via the Internet. DiALOGUE incorporates many useful features designed to further maximize the flexibility and efficiency of fully-digital TWiST production workflows. As a result, TWiST users can give their customers the ability to view and approve single and imposed pages from any location; check production parameters (page size, resolution, etc.) and take on-screen densitometer measurements if desired. Utilizing the latest Java2 and XML technologies, DiALOGUE is compatible with Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Sun and SGI client platforms. DiALOGUE, available for TWiST version 4.5 onwards, is able to view all the file formats supported by TWIST ˆ such as PDF, PDF/X, PostScript, CT/LW, TIFF, TIFF-IT, TIFF-IT/P1, JPEG, EPS, native Illustrator, DCS1 and 2, etc. Since DiALOGUE is designed to be an integral TWiST module, users can set DiALOGUE to automatically create an on-line session as soon as TWiST has finished processing the file. Furthermore, it is possible for the participants to validate the file online, triggering a TWiST workflow operation (FTP transfer to print site, send to RIP queue, etc.) - TWiST WEBLiNK: This module provides users with full access to the TWiST Workflow Manager via a standard web browser giving users the freedom to manage production workflows from any location. Utilizing XML communication, WEBLiNK allows users to manage all aspects of the production workflow remotely including: uploading files, start/stop workflows, error/preflight checking, change priorities, ability to change files or amend PostScript Printer Description files on the fly, and (with the addition of TWIST DiALOGUE) view high-res files in real-time. - TWiST Impose: a unique option which allows companies currently using most closed and proprietary workflows, capable only of driving a dedicated, single make of output device, the freedom to drive any make of imagesetter or computer to plate system. With the ability to interpret OEM versions of imposition and command files, TWiST Impose effectively liberates proprietary workflows whilst retaining familiar interface and operational features. This new option can be configured to meet virtually any workflow demands and can be scaled to meet any size of operation from one to multiple CPUs, depending upon user requirements. As a result companies have the flexibility to drive virtually any output device they wish within a totally open production environment and without any equipment redundancy. In addition, users can integrate with database applications, to drive production dynamically and integrate features such as web publishing, data management, and archiving. LiTHO: Powerful multi-file page viewer and editor DALiM LiTHO is a fully integrated page viewer and editor that provides a high level of image editing, page assembly and PDF or PostScript editing tools. It supports PDF1.2, PDF1.3, PDF/X-1 and PDF/P2, and allows last minute editing prior to sending the file to the RIP. The PDF/P2 file format, launched by DALiM Software at the Print '01 exhibition in Chicago last year, is raster-based file within a PDF shell developed to eliminate RIP interpretation errors and integrate easily into PDF-only production workflow systems. LiTHO also allows the viewing of PDF transparency and overprint information, allowing true WYSIWYG in a PDF production environment. IPEX sees the launch of LiTHO64, the industry‚s first 64-bit desktop application. LiTHO64 is designed for high content applications where individual files sizes regularly exceed 4GB, commonly experienced, for example, within the web, security and cartographic printing sectors. LiTHO64 provides outstanding performance and the ability to work on files of virtually unlimited size (up to 9 million terabytes, which translates as a 300 dpi image at 800m x 800m!). Consequently large files, such as those generated by 16-page, 24-page, 32-page forms and multi-layer map files, can be handled with ease and opened at speed to allow high-resolution viewing and even retouching. DALiM Software consistently improves the performance and flexibility of its award-winning products and at IPEX 2002 the company will show the significant differences it can make to productivity and profitability for its customers in the printing and publishing industries.