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Ultimate Technographics: Impostrip Goes Solo

Press release from the issuing company

Montreal, Canada, September 6, 2001 – At Print 01 in Chicago Ultimate Technographics, the renowned inventor of digital imposition, announces a single user system version of its client-server Impostrip. Ultimate not only invented imposition software, but also invented client/server imposition software with its Impostrip Second Generation. Impostrip 6.0 was released last year at GraphExpo with unlimited front-end clients to the back-end Signature Server. Now Ultimate is releasing Impostrip Solo, which includes a single client and server, for an industry-leading price of $3,000. "With print customers becoming more digital and the cost of imagesetting and platesetting equipment becoming more affordable smaller printers are implementing digital workflows," explains David Watson, President and CEO of Ultimate, "so we have introduced a more affordable imposition solution for the printer who only needs one operator working." Impostrip Solo has all the imposition functionality of Impostip 6.5 and has the advantage of being the fastest imposition software, with the easiest user interface, in the market. Especially when that single operator puts the Signature Server on another computer, which can be a Mac or PC Windows computer. Impostrip Solo has complete PostScript or PDF imposition with PostScript or PDF native output. Impostrip SOLO - Unique Features: All PS and PDF Pages Input and Output Impostrip has the widest range of input of different PostScript pages in separated or composite format, EPS and PDF. Impostrip inputs and outputs PDF without converting it to PostScript. Impostrip also supports Tiff input. Client/Server Architecture Only Impostrip offers true client/server architecture permitting the file processing to be done on a network server where the files reside, freeing up the imposition workstation to continue with new jobs. Origami Impostrip’s Virtual Press Sheet folding tool is completely integrated into the application. Orientation and sequence are automatically calculated and applied. With an interactive folding history, Origami allows users to re-use existing templates and create new folds. Only Impostrip and Origami automate the creation of signatures, including special folding patterns, cut and combine, and multiple deliveries for sheetfed and multiple web presses. Automatic Tiling Impostrip will automatically tile to "Best Fit" the size of the output media. Impostrip’s automatic tiling feature is also available when the output is scaled down, e.g. in the case of proofing to a smaller media size, and Impostrip will preserve the tiling dimensions effectively emulating the final output device. Punch Control Impostrip will keep up to 16 different punch settings, storing a user-defined name with each setting. Punch Control is based on maximum media size, tiling sizes for mirrored and non-mirrored media, as well as a calibration to offset the image if necessary and dimensions for the punch frame. Impostrip’s Punch Control is the most advanced available today. Interactive Marks Preview New with Impostrip 6.0 users will be able to interactively preview and adjust marks on pages as well as on the plate. Impostrip now uses a Plate concept making it even easier to use with CTP workflows. Impostrip’s Plate Preview rips a low-resolution version of the file to the screen to see actual preview and do the final step in preflighting the plate before output. Hot Folder Driven Impostrip is the only imposition software to be hot folder driven for complete automation of repetitive imposition jobs. The user can queue the job to the hot folder and let the Signature Server do the job, in background on a single computer or over the network in a Server environment. Impostrip Solo Can Grow with the Printer Impostrip Solo can be upgraded to Impostrip 6.5 for full price credit. The upgrade will give the Impostrip Solo user unlimited clients/front-ends, interactive job ganging with Full Plate, CIP4 for folding, cutting and ink density information, interfaces for workflow like Brisque, Printergy, Apogee and PJTF. Impostrip Solo also smoothly integrates with other Ultimate prepress workflow products like Trapeze and Ultimate Flow OPI.