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GretagMacbeth: New Eye-One System Empowers Creative Professionals

Press release from the issuing company

Chicago, IL April 23, 2001- GretagMacbeth, worldwide technological leader in color measurement and management solutions, has introduced the Eye-One, a system that includes both software and a measurement device to simplify the creation, communication and management of color. Designed to meet the needs of the creative market, the Eye-One system ensures consistent color reproduction across a wide range of media, eliminating guesswork and wasted proofs. Effective color management becomes increasingly vital as creative professionals take on digital photography, digital proofing, and cross-media publishing. In addition, creative professionals need to communicate reliably with their clients and suppliers, in order to achieve faster turnaround time. With Eye-One, colors can be scanned from any source to create color palettes, so designers are no longer limited by the colors in their swatch books or the colors they can create on-screen. Palettes can be shared with clients or other design team members and can be exported to popular design applications. The system defines colors in terms of spectral data, which provides a comprehensive color description. This information can be precisely translated for all types of media and lighting environments, including print, large format output, multimedia and the web. Eye-One creates profiles for all types of devices, including flat panel displays. To speed the process of creating output profiles, the Eye-One features a scanning ruler that allows users to quickly measure their printer test charts. The Eye-One profiling software uses a wizard approach with simple instructions and illustrations at every step, to simplify and speed the profiling process. The Eye-One measurement device is powered by a USB connection, requires no additional power supply, and can be used with both the Mac and PC. A free upgrade to a Mac OS X version is expected to be available in June. Eye-One is available in three configurations. Eye-One Monitor measures monitors only and is designed specifically for profiling monitors. Eye-One Pro measures both reflective and emissive (monitor) colors, and includes software for profiling the monitor. Eye-One Pro with Eye-One Match adds additional software to profile input and output devices. The Eye-One Monitor retails for $600 US, Eye-One Pro for $1,500 US and Eye-One Pro with Eye-One Match for $3,000. All three packages include the Pantone digital library. The Eye-One systems are available through GretagMacbeth's existing distribution channel, as well as several of the major mail order catalogs, including MicroWarehouse, MacZone and Cancom.