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MacDermid ColorSpan Unveils A Revolutionary New 12-head High-Speed Inkjet Printer

Press release from the issuing company

3/01 - CeBIT 2001 Hoofddorp, Netherlands, March 22, 2001 – MacDermid ColorSpan, Inc., a leader in the wide-format digital color printer market, sets new quality and speed standards for wide-format inkjet printing with the announcement of its DisplayMaker Mach 12 color printer. DisplayMaker Mach 12 includes twelve (12), near one-inch wide printheads and multi-density inks for achieving more speed, more color and better apparent resolution. Using the twelve printheads gives the user increased flexibility in meeting the printing requirements of their customers. The printer can be configured with one or more 4, 6, 8 or 12 color ink sets to balance the requirement for speed - expected to deliver at least 2x the speed of the DisplayMaker Series XII and print quality - up 1800 dpi apparent resolution. The DisplayMaker Mach 12, initially available in a 72-inch (182cm) model at an end-user price of EURO 27,995, will be unveiled at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany, March 22-28, 2001 and will be available for delivery in the 2nd quarter of 2001. Phil Hursh, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, stated "The DisplayMaker Mach 12 represents a new milestone in continuing our technological leadership in the wide-format printing market. The increased output speed, ease of use and lower cost of production of these printers make them ideal not only for print-for-pay operations but also for anyone who wants to improve price-performance. No other company offers precision image quality this high coupled with the speed and flexibility of the DisplayMaker Mach 12". PRODUCT FEATURES 12 Printheads - The DisplayMaker Mach 12 gives users the choice of printing with 4, 6, 8 or 12 colors. The possible colors are cyan, magenta, yellow, black, medium cyan, medium magenta, light cyan, light magenta, orange, green, blue and red. Initially, the DisplayMaker Mach 12 will support printing with two sets of CMYK, or CMYK plus medium cyan, medium magenta, light cyan light magenta. Orange, green, blue, and red process colors will be available at a later date. Fast Printing Speeds Without Sacrificing Quality - The DisplayMaker Mach 12 offers a wide range of quality and print speed options ranging from its highest quality output at an apparent 1800 dpi resolution and is expected to deliver at least 2x the speed of the DisplayMaker Series XII. Modular Ink Delivery System - Designed for productivity and low cost of operation, the Modular Ink Delivery System is a three-piece system consisting of high-capacity ink supply module, semi-permanent ink supply lines and state-of-the-art thermal inkjet printheads. The high-capacity, 960 ml ink supply modules provide hundreds of square metres of printing between ink changes and can be changed while printing. The semi-permanent ink supply lines, while normally are not exchanged, are user replaceable to allow the printer to be set up with a variety of ink configurations. The twelve high-density printheads typically last through 2 or more 960 ml ink supplies and are replaced only as needed, thereby reducing operating costs. ColorMark® Inks - Two types of ink formulations will be available for the Mach 12: EnduraChrome dye inks and PermaChrome pigmented inks. EnduraChrome inks will be available in CMYK, light and medium densities of cyan and magenta, plus orange, green, red and blue process colors. PermaChrome inks will be available in CMYK, plus medium densities of cyan and magenta. (Available at a later date). AutoInk‘ Swapping - The twelve-printhead design allows users to have both dye-based inks and pigmented inks loaded simultaneously and to have the advantage of printing using either without changing ink type. RIP OPTIONS The DisplayMaker Mach 12 will be supported by RIPs from ColorSpan and third party RIP suppliers. ColorSpan’s new ColorMark Pro 1G print server features a powerful 1-Gigahertz processor to offer fast, efficient file processing and user-friendly operation. Third-party software RIPs that will be available for the Mach 12 include products from ColorGATE, Image Technologies, Onyx Graphics and Wasatch Computer Technology. MARKETS The high speed, high resolution, and low cost of operation of the DisplayMaker Mach 12 make it ideal for photo labs, sign makers, and other service providers that produce signs, photo displays, murals, and digital fine art for their customers. Other users will include advertising and design agencies, exhibit, and display houses, and in-house graphic design and marketing departments.