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Millennial Print Evangelist Speaks Out on Finding, Attracting, and Keeping Young Talent

Published on January 27, 2020

Nick Gawreluk is a millennial print evangelist and proud of it. In this three-part video series, he shares the roadmap to successfully find, attract, and retain the next generation workforce in the printing industry. This is a do-not-miss for anyone looking to secure the future of their company.

Additional Resources:

PGSF Directory of Schools: https://pgsf.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/PGSF_DirectoryofSchools2018-2019_web.pdf

Links to Industry Associations & Educational Institutions: https://pgsf.org/links-to-industry-associations-and-educational-institutions/#

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By Kevin Cushing on Jan 27, 2020

Great piece Nick! Thanks for framing up this important topic with actionable ideas.


By John Berthelsen on Jan 27, 2020

Great video Nick. Thanks for contributing this to the workforce discussion.


By Werner Rebsamen on Jan 29, 2020

Great Job Nick, very informative. I can look back to a 65 year long career as a Master Bookbinder / Print Finishing expert and loved it! Especially the 26 years teaching at RIT. Still have many contacts with former students who, after many years, still remember binding a hardcover book in my classes.
Just returned from a Caribbean cruise where I started talking to a lady and found out, she was one of my former students in 1981! We are proud of our alumni in many most important positions, like my former lab assistant now being in charge of all Printing IRS does. My own daughter is teaching Pre-press technologies at the HDM in Stuttgart Germany and lectured in Korea and Kanada. Keep up the good works!


By Cliff Hollingsworth on Jan 30, 2020

Nick, this is a great perspective! As a member of the "getting ready to retire in a few years" group, I need to hear what you have to say. As a business coach, this is the type of advice and guidance that I need. Looking forward to the next video.


By Nick Gawreluk on Feb 02, 2020

Thank you everyone for the comments!

@Kevin, I appreciate you taking the time to write in. Keep an eye out for the upcoming two videos in the series.

@John, long time no see! The PGSF Directory of Schools document mentioned is a great resource and I know it will help many get started in making connections with the schools.

@Werner, what a fascinating journey and small world as you mentioned. You have a lot to be proud of! Thank you for sharing the stories, I really enjoyed them.

@Cliff, I am glad the perspective was of value. If after the three-part videos series you find there are additional topics you might be interested in hearing about, I would love to know. Perhaps this could lead into more videos in the future. Ntg5533@rit.edu


By Chuck Werninger on Feb 06, 2020

I really like this video, Nick and appreciate your work helping us. I'm hoping we can hire one or more of our recent HS grads to join our team, what a testimonial that would be. Any other ideas are really appreciated!


By Nick Gawreluk on Feb 08, 2020

@Chuck, thank you for the comment. All the best with the potential new hire! Another key point not mentioned in the video is the variety of departments and diverse skillsets needed throughout a printing company.

I imagine this would be an attractive point for a younger person who may not yet know what they are truly passionate about. “Come join our company and we will expose you to the end-to-end business, open your eyes to what is possible and allow you to try new things as your interests further develop.”


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