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All the News That Fits

Published on September 6, 2019

Frank comments on the decline in printed newspapers and the rise of digital editions. He shows that printed newspapers have been changing in size and circulation for the last 100 years. He laments not so much the loss of paper newspapers as the loss of independent local journalism.

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By Frank Romano on Sep 06, 2019

Where I say US News I meant USA Today.


By Thayer Long on Sep 06, 2019

I think it was Warren Buffett who said in the future more businesses are going to act (or control) more media companies because they want to control the message. I agree with Frank's commentary, and I also think this trend is also unfortunately occurring in the trade publication world. Journalism and news is being created to support or build out a certain narrative or agenda. I am still hopeful, however, as I have faith in consumers, and that ultimately they will seek the truth and outlets that provide it.


By Michael Josefowicz on Sep 06, 2019

As usual Frank has it just right. My own little project is a magazine on Paper called SDG Digest. It is a copy of Readers Digest except the content is organized by the UN Sustainability Goals. For the last 2 years I have been consulting with people in villages in Burundi, Uganda and Malawi to help them start businesses. It has been working well. My client in Uganda is now making between $400 and $500 a week in cybercafe + other services. He uses 60% of his profit to support his project of planting 1,000,000 fruit trees. He has planted 275,000 so far.

The digest will have independent journalism written by people in villages. No filters by a mass media - newspapers and cable channels - about making a better life in there communities.


By James Kohler on Sep 06, 2019

Right on target Frank! I also get the NYT electronic but I do get the paper edition on Sunday. It is well worth the money. I Also get, in paper, USA Today but the news coverage has shrunk greatly and the paper gets "smaller" but the price goes up. I even remember the day, as a young RIT Printing student, working on the RIT Newspaper - setting Linotype and Ludlow! I hope free press continues and is not driving by the interests that purchase them.


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