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Frank Romano: Traditional Engraving is Still Around!

Published on July 16, 2014

This week, Frank shares a book he received from the International Engraved Graphics Assocation: "Design to Touch" and talks about the traditional engraving techniques used to print the book. More information at




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By Michael Jahn on Jul 16, 2014

"Deposition approaches" ?

That is a new one for me. ( Maybe I slept through that class ?)

Is there some new manner of printing that makes use of phase transition - where a gas turns to some solid colorant which is impinged upon some substrate ?


By Frank Romano on Jul 16, 2014

Depositing multiple layers of ink jetted polymer or ink.


By Jim Landis on Jul 16, 2014

Great job Frank!
You can purchase the book at
One slight correction, the book was actually published by the members of IEGA and was a joint effort by the association. Thank you for spending your time on this topic!


By Michael Jahn on Jul 16, 2014

Thanks Frank !

- apparently i DID fall asleep in that class !


By Wayne L. Cook on Jul 17, 2014

The technology to transfer a solid colorant as a gas to a substrate and create an image is called dye-diffusion thermal transfer; aka D2T2. Kodak as well as others use in to print photos in kiosks...


By Michael Jahn on Jul 17, 2014

@Wayne L. Cook - as far as I know - that was what they "thought"was happening - but it was later shown to be untrue.

but, this is really pointless, as i think the entire point Frank of the video was about this wonderful traditional / conventional Engraving book.


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