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Joe Fazzi discusses the new XRGA color standard

Published on October 5, 2010

INTERVIEWER:  So now, what are some of the solutions that X-Rite has for dealing with not only the optical brightener issue, but other color measurement and management problems. 

JOE FAZZI:            I would say the most important feature right now is when—when, we, our industry, focuses heavily on proofs.  So we make proofs, the designer okays the proofs and the proof is sent to the printer.  We use an instrument, it been done at the studio level for getting the proof done and then we have another instrument that’s at the press side.  And the instruments themselves are challenged.  The industry went and said, “Hey, you know what?  I need an instrument to do this and I need a lot of them.”  Well, I can make a really good one for $5,000 or you know, I can make an industry acceptable one for $900. 

When we have a good price point for an instrument that’s reliable, we do have some variation.  And the variation between instrument to instrument is – can be a challenge, at times.

What X-Rite has come out with is, XRGA is a way for them to correct the error from instrument to instrument.  So it’s a very effective way for us to correct the inner instrument variation, take the guesswork out of, is this proof good or bad.  And is it bad because of my instrument.  Very, very useful.  Very exciting technology.  

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