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Certifications as Part of a Sustainability Strategy

Sponsored by Océ North America

Every day more and more companies announce environmental stewardship programs, sustainability initiatives, and development of products with lighter carbon footprints. It is possible that soon we will begin to question whether all this activity is truly a move to be better corporate citizens or simply a jump on the latest marketing bandwagon.

Companies who are building a sustainable strategy and focusing on good corporate citizenship are looking to third-party certification to validate their strategies to the market. In this session we clear up some of the confusion about the certifications available to graphic arts companies, discuss those certifications as part of an overall sustainability strategy, and show how they enhance the credibility of marketing messages.

"Green" certification is turning into alphabet soup and we're all getting lost in the acronyms! We've got FSC, SFI, CoC, SGP and it goes on from there! What does it all mean? Should your company consider one or all of these certifications? This educational event will help you sort it all out.


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