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September Economic Webinar: Printing Industry Shipments and Profits, and Economic Disruption

September has been more interesting than anyone would like, with hurricanes Harvey and Irma creating economic disruption, right at the time we were dealing with a new round of geopolitical tensions. Print 17 will have its share of news. Our comments about the show, printing shipments and profits, and the economy will be at the top of our agenda. We’ll discuss how the bipartisan side-step for the temporary Federal debt-ceiling increase puts a budget skirmish on December’s calendar, just at the time when the Federal Reserve makes a decision about interest rate. It’s setting up to be as an unsettling time, and we’ll put it in perspective, and tell you what it means for your business and the industry.

Webinar registration includes access to the executive summary of our Mid-Year 2017 Business Conditions Survey.


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