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Today vs. Tomorrow: Transforming your business without losing business

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Many in our industry are grappling with this question: What will it take to transform my business?

How do you safely get from where you are to where you need to go? How do you build a sustainable, profitable business?

Presented by Bob Lieber and Bob Rosen, this webinar will provide practical answers to these and other questions. Learn how to finance your future business with your current business. Discover your path to business expansion‚by building on what you're already doing today. Find out why merger and acquisition activity could be right for you, even if you are a small business.

Bob Lieber, CEO of Original Thought LLC and a WhatTheyThink contributor, has worked extensively with companies inside and outside the printing industry on how to transform and position their businesses for significant growth. Bob Rosen is President of R.H. Rosen Associates, Inc. a consulting firm specializing in the graphic arts industry. Having worked with almost 600 graphic arts companies, he has also bought companies of his own, built them and sold them. He knows how things work from the inside


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