Hi, my name is Mike Casey, with Survey Advantage, President of the company and today I’m going to share a couple of case studies of projects that were done with printers that had an issue, they want to go out to the customer base, try to understand what was going on in their head, and then make some changes going into the year ahead of time.

One was Data Mail, they’re in Evansville, Indiana.  They’re primarily a mail shop.  They do a lot of printing and they had an issue with awareness of all the products they offer but also they were kind of pigeonholed as just mail and they wanted to go out and try to educate their customers and understand what they could go after.  So a survey was run electronically to gather data but also a mailing was done to prove their Mailing component and printing component to invite them to participate and that they were going to get an email with a link to the survey.  They had over 50 percent participate in the survey. 

They had a coupon in the process to drive up business to get a discount if they tried one of the new services, and they got some deals out of that.  But the most important thing is that they had 94 percent of their customers were very loyal, but more than 74 percent of the their customers were giving them less than half the business.  So there was a huge uptick in potential, they were loyal, they use them for mail, and they could go after the printing business as well.  And they were showing that with this whole campaign.

So the lesson learned was they were leaving a lot on the table, great loyalty.  They were in the top 10 percent of all printers in terms of loyalty but they were under performing with that.  So the initiative is not to go after that business.  They know all the customers.  They have the whole survey in front of them with everything that they shared with them and now they have a great conversation with the customers about what they can do next.