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GMC PrintNet T Transactional Software Simplifies Billing Applications

Press release from the issuing company

April 25, 2002 -- Braintree, MA -- GMC Software Technology rounds out its core PrintNet Software suite with GMC PrintNet T Transactional Software, a single environment, all-in-one tool for layout creation, structured variable and fixed data processing, and high-speed printing of invoices, statements, confirmations and other transaction-driven applications. PrintNet T leads the way to a new form of hybrid applications, bringing together the business of transactional and promotional applications. PrintNet T brings document factories valuable capabilities not available from any other tool in the marketplace. With complete platform independence, the software seamlessly links the design and production phases of document workflow for greater efficiency and control. Users can also insert logic into documents at any point in the workflow, from the front end to production. The ability to add this intelligence lets users accomplish more with just one pass, rather than requiring multiple passes to achieve results. "The requirements for variable transaction documents have grown tremendously complicated, yet companies place high value on these customer contacts," said Denny Kerns, president and general manager of GMC Software Technology. "PrintNet T Transactional Software helps users fully leverage their transactional documents, while simplifying the processes to create them." The new product will be introduced to the digital and commercial printing industry at the On Demand show in New York City, April 23 - 25, 2002. Full-Featured Design Capabilities Expand Choices PrintNet T facilitates the creation of transactional applications with a range of useful design capabilities including layout verification, variable page selection, object rotation in any angle, object grouping, 2D object transformation, and transparent resource management. A variety of text, paragraph, border, outline and filling styles, along with kerning and baseline shift make PrintNet T a full-featured design tool for high-impact transactional communications. The software offers a barcode library and OMR post-processing control, so users can incorporate tracking features into their documents. Full color support increases design flexibility with color matching, ICC profiles, gamut check and PostScript color management. Live proofing, including error checking and preflight eliminates errors and delays and reduces expenses. EBPP Link Creates New Opportunities PrintNet T links with GMC's new PrintNet OS Output Server to access Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) capabilities and create new opportunities to participate in this growing market. Enterprises gain greater control, closed loop communication and monitoring ability over their entire EBPP workflow and output. Ease of Use Increases Productivity Widely recognized PrintNet ease of use is carried forward in PrintNet T for fast creation of even complex printing jobs, with WYSIWYG layout and proofing; automated management of forms, images, fonts and bitmaps; dynamic table generation and workflow wizards. With only one application to learn, even novice designers will quickly be creating professional transactional documents. The working interface is similar to standard DTP tools, and PrintNet T Transactional is customisable to resemble familiar applications such as MS Word or PrintNet 3. The single environment concept simplifies the user interface and enhances productivity. Multiple functionality modules are readily accessible in the form of sheets within the application for faster productivity. Features such as a production manager interface and simultaneous jobs printing improve output efficiency. Data-Driven Output Increases Accuracy and Throughput Data-controlled pagination automatically drives more efficient document production and eliminates guesswork and waste. PrintNet T enhances conditional data and page processing with a wide range of functions, including intelligent page composition and flow. Data from multiple sources, such as address files, transaction records and code tables, is automatically merged "on the fly." Structured data processing presents a readable format for easier proofing and editing. Broad Format Support Removes Limitations The software's device- and printer-independence remove limitations on document workflow. PrintNet T accepts a wide range of input formats, including CSV, DBF files; structured variable length and XML data files, and all common output formats. Broad font handling includes True Type, OpenType, Adobe Type 1, CFF, CID-keyed Type1, SFNT-based bitmaps, X11 PCF and Windows FNT formats. GMC-designed libraries supporting Windows ensure long-term stability and availability of document resources. The software is compatible with leading operating systems typically found in digital document operations, including Windows 95/98/2000/ME/2000/NT/XP and MAC OS10.