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Propago Advises Printers: Grow Your Business Into Lucrative Web-to-Print Solutions

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Leading cloud-based marketing asset management software supplier offers leading reasons to adopt this value-added service 

Propago, a cloud-based marketing asset management software firm catering to the commercial printing industry, is using its expertise in the field to guide commercial printers into the lucrative web-to-print market.

“It’s a new year and new opportunities are available for printers to grow their business beyond print,” says Rick Aberle, president and CEO of Propago. “Printers have been steadily adopting web-to-print solutions as a value-added service. We’ve developed a few tips to prompt U.S. printers to assume new and innovative solutions and services to optimize their existing offerings and easily move into this profitable web-to-print market.”

Here are some leading reasons and recommendations for launching a web-to-print solution in 2017:

Become a one-stop-shop for a brands’ entire marketing supply chain: Print shops need to move beyond an order at a time. By adopting web-to-print, printers can support their customers throughout the entire process and determine exactly what is needed, where it goes, and how much is spent. When a brand needs additional brochures for a hot-selling product, a printer can quickly provide that branded collateral by easily ordering through the printer’s storefront. 

Grow your business beyond print: Yes, print is the cornerstone of any printer’s business. But by implementing a web-to-print solution, printers are seeing a doubling or even tripling of their annual sales. Extra revenue can come from fulfillment, personalized products, on-demand marketing, and gifts.

Increase your bottom line with recurring revenue: It’s not enough any more to take individual orders to sustain your print business. Many successful printers have already formed partnerships with loyal customers for recurring orders. Having a web-to-print storefront, however, provides easy access for your brand customers to set up on-going print orders and allows you to capture growth opportunities such as personalized publishing or transactional marketing. 

Engage marketers with a sales pitch that hits all the right notes: Your customers want to know how you can create value for them. Invite them to visit your facility, show them how your marketing platform can simplify their marketing tasks, see your new presses in action, and meet your employees. Let them know that you want to form a partnership with them and give them control of their designs, products, and scheduling. 

Prove that personalized marketing is more important than ever: It’s no secret that personalized products yield results. With major advances in print technology, such as inkjet, printers are able to improve their print capabilities with personalized and customized communications across a variety of high-value applications.

Give your clients complete control over their brand, budget, and inventory: Web-to-print’s major advantage is the simplicity it brings to the ordering process. It enables brands to generate business during off hours, efficiently order and re-order customized and personalized print products, ensure brand control, and expand market reach.  

Web-to-print works the way your customers want: Your clients want to automate how marketing materials are distributed to their sales reps, affiliates, partners and staff in various field offices. Web-to-print brings simplicity to the ordering process. It gives your customers the ability to manage their print procurement system with complete access to the controls.  



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