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Komori and Landa Enter Global Strategic Partnership

Press release from the issuing company

Komori Corporation of Tokyo, Japan, and Landa Corporation of Rehovot, Israel, today announced a global strategic partnership whereby Landa will license Komori Corporation to manufacture and market digital printing presses for commercial and other printing markets using Landa’s Nanographic Printing process.
Landa Nanography is a new digital printing category employing water-based inks. It combines the versatility of digital with the qualities and speed of offset printing – at unmatched cost per page.

Yoshiharu Komori, Komori President, Chairman and CEO, says, “As a specialist manufacturer of printing presses for many years, Komori Corporation provides printing systems that are capable of producing a wide range of printed goods for the commercial, packaging and currency printing markets. We see growing demand for variable data printing and personalisation, especially for niche applications, which we are addressing with our already-announced DigitalOnDemand solutions. However, there is also ever-growing customer demand for shorter and shorter run lengths as well as very short turnaround times. To meet these commercial printing market needs, we have embraced Landa Nanographic Printing as a powerful solution for our next generation sheetfed and webfed digital systems that use water-based inks. Moreover, this decision accords with Komori’s new policy of operating as a “PRINT ENGINEERING SERVICE PROVIDER” to meet various future-oriented demands from customers.”  

Benny Landa, Landa Founder, Chairman and CEO, says, “We have enjoyed an intimate relationship with Komori, which is our supplier of paper handling platforms for our new Nanographic sheetfed presses. Komori was the first to be exposed to our technology and was the first to share our vision. I am therefore particularly delighted that Komori is the first-to-be-announced global strategic partner with whom we will be sharing this huge market opportunity. With its highly respected position in the printing industry and its broad market access, Komori is well placed to accelerate the worldwide adoption of Landa Nanographic printing.”

Based on the strategic partnership, Landa will provide Komori with Nanographic Printing technology and Landa NanoInkTM, which are at the heart of the Nanographic Printing process. Comprised of pigment particles only tens of nanometers in size, these nano-pigments are extremely powerful absorbers of light and enable unprecedented image qualities. Landa Nanographic Printing is characterized by ultra-sharp dots of extremely high uniformity, high gloss fidelity and the broadest CMYK color gamut.

Landa Nanographic Printing employs ink ejectors to create the digital ink images which get applied to the printing stock in a process that can operate at extremely high speeds and creates images offering remarkable abrasion and scratch resistance. Most notably, it can print on any off-the-shelf substrate, from coated and uncoated paper stocks to recycled carton; from newsprint to plastic packaging films - all without requiring any kind of pre-treatment or special coating - and no post-drying. Adding to this cost benefit is the fact that Nanographic images are only 500 nanometers thick - about half the thickness of offset images - enabling Landa NanoInkTM to produce the lowest cost-per-page digital images in the industry. All of this from a water-based, energy-efficient and eco-friendly process.

Benny Landa concludes, “Komori’s decision to adopt Nanography for its next generation of digital presses is an important milestone in the march of this innovative technology and significantly broadens its potential to become the new industry standard for mainstream printing.”


By Raymond Prince on Apr 30, 2012

I cannot wait to see the print samples. It all comes down to print quality and cost. Komori is making a very smart move. Cost is the overriding concern with all new technology. If the cost of nanoink is very low then they really have a game changer. We shall see.


By Erik Nikkanen on Apr 30, 2012

Now manroland sheetfed is also committed to Landa's technology.

I don't think the cost of ink will be the main issue.

I tend to think the main issue will be the impact on the total cost of printing related to reduction of waste and increase in capacity due to faster turn arounds.

It will be interesting for sure.


By Aaron Katz on Apr 30, 2012

I wonder why HP has not been chosen as a potential partner?


By Rossitza Sardjeva on May 01, 2012

It is strange that Benny Landa has chosen Komori as a partner in the field of Inkjet printing???


By Peter Doyle on May 01, 2012

Komori has an excellent reputation as a machine manufacturer. They certainly know how to feed, transfer and deliver a sheet of paper. They will take the offset cylinders out of the frame and replace them with ink jet heads. There is no reason for Landa to invest in a manufacturing plant to make heavy metal machinery when there is so much existing capacity. The Komori engineers and field service technicians can assist with installation and service issues. To me this is a good partnership. Landa next step will be selecting a manufacturer of web fed machinery. There are several likely partners. The web travel path of HP’s ink jet presses is less than ideal. I believe that Landa can find an experienced partner to make a web fed press that will house the ink jet heads.



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