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Enfocus Products to Support Adobe Acrobat 8

Press release from the issuing company

October 15, 2006 -- Chicago, IL (Graph & Converting Expo) -- Enfocus, an Artwork Systems brand, is readying its Adobe Acrobat 8 compatible versions of its full product line, including the industry’s most popular PDF plug-in, PitStop Professional. Though the improvements offered in the most recent release of Acrobat are commendable, industry experts agree that additional functionality is required to fully support a graphic arts workflow. Globally recognized publishing technology and process consultant, David Zwang, says, “Using PitStop Profiles and Action Lists are still the best way to check and fix almost any PDF that finds its way into your production workflow. PitStop Professional is a must have for any PDF production workflow, and PitStop Server is the best way to ensure that when large volumes of pages make their way through your process, they are ready to RIP.” Why Acrobat 8 Alone Isn’t Enough for Graphic Arts Enfocus’ award winning software tools, with over 100,000 installations worldwide, continue to be the best solutions for achieving PDF quality control through flawless creation, processing, and traceability. Enfocus PitStop Professional, unsurpassed in its power to edit PDF files, in particular, keeps the PitStop product line essential to publishing production. Tight deadlines, coupled with the need for last minute changes, mandate use of a comprehensive, reliable editor. Whether performing a text edit or adjusting a price, Enfocus PitStop’s text editing and outlining features will save the time and effort of re-creating the file. Enfocus products supporting Acrobat 8 will also expand the advantages of the product line’s Certified PDF, and Certified PDF Automation, functionality. Traceability -- the ability to trace modifications to files throughout production cycles -- is key to process efficiency and is core to Enfocus Certified PDF, making otherwise view-only PDFs into production files with a complete history and lifecycle. Preflight, a standard process in most graphic arts workflows, is alone not enough to achieve highest quality and efficiency. Enfocus PitStop Professional goes beyond preflight to deliver customizable preflight reports giving users a clear, straightforward overview of file status using easy-to-understand messages. Navigating to problem areas, or linking to a more complete description of what an error message means, requires only a single mouse click. PitStop Professional is a Cornerstone of Certified PDF Automation In the graphic production process, reliable reproduction is vital. It’s therefore critical that all partners in the production cycle can properly handle files. Today, the largest magazine and newspaper publishers and printers across Europe and the United States rely on Enfocus’ Certified PDF technology to insure this reliable and accurate exchange. In Enfocus PitStop Professional for Acrobat 8 Building a page from multiple PDFs will be simplified with the Place PDF feature, a function specially requested by prepress and ad agency professionals. The new Navigator allows the user to identify and interactively correct errors reported in preflight more easily than before. Time-consuming repair of common errors can be automated with newly redesigned Global Change and Action List features. The company will announce additional feature enhancements closer to product availability. “We’ve accelerated the pace at which we are able to bring the most current versions to the marketplace,” Patrick van Dam, Enfocus Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales & Marketing, says. “As proven by our track record of quickly supporting each upgrade of Adobe Acrobat, when our customers choose to install the newest version, our products will be there and ready to support them.” Release of Adobe Acrobat 8 compatible versions of all PitStop-based products, including PitStop Professional, PitStop Server, and PitStop Automate, is anticipated within 90 days of Adobe’s Acrobat release date. In addition, free upgrades will be available to current customers, depending on their time of purchase.