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EFI Reduces Customers' Cost of Paper, Increases Productivity and Security with Enhanced SendMe

Press release from the issuing company

FOSTER CITY, Calif.--June 9, 2005-- EFI, the world leader in digital imaging and print management solutions for commercial and enterprise printing, today announced Version 3 of EFI SendMe(TM), the document capture and distribution solution for high-volume office environments. EFI SendMe readily converts paper documents to digital files and enables unprecedented management of paper documents. The new version of SendMe delivers greater productivity, document security and connectivity. SendMe enables printing from mobile devices and integration with more than 20 complementary best-of-breed enterprise software applications. The high and increasing cost of managing paper is detrimental to a company's bottom line, and searching for misplaced documents greatly disrupts productivity. Virtually eliminating that time and money loss, EFI SendMe converts paper documents quickly and easily into a digital workflow. Additionally, SendMe' delivery capabilities offer significant cost savings compared to the traditional delivery methods of overnight service, faxing, and postal mail. With SendMe, users transform hardcopy information into digital files that can be instantly sent anywhere in the world, to any number of e-mail addresses, fax machines/servers, or printers, or filed on a desktop, network folder or document management system. Combining SendMe with a document management system enhances productivity by accelerating and simplifying the inclusion of meta-data, such as owner, associated clients, key words, etc., giving the newly scanned document context within the enterprise's existing document workflow. "With SendMe's breadth of functionality, EFI commendably addresses the needs of the increasing number of enterprises deploying scanning as a means of transforming paper documents into a digital workflow," said Brian Bissett, editor and publisher of The MFP Report, a leading resource for office imaging devices and technologies information. "I'm impressed by SendMe's enhancements. Version 3 certainly looks like it will make storing, editing and sharing paper documents faster and more efficient and cost-effective, all critical in the office environment." The Federal Public Service of Finance in Belgium is one EFI customer benefiting from SendMe's cost-saving efficiencies and security features. EFI's innovative technology addresses the government agency's constant need to reduce paper handling and its associated cost while maintaining high security. Deploying close to 80 SendMe units, the organization has been pleased with the solution's performance and value. As it is compulsory for the Federal Public Service of Finance in Belgium to critically evaluate many options before making a significant purchase, its choice of SendMe is a testament to the solution's extraordinary quality to price ratio. Similar to an ATM, SendMe's easy to use interface requires virtually no training. Users log in with their standard network password, corporate proximity badge or their own fingerprint, and tabbed screens guide them through the workflow. SendMe supports eight languages, with the user's log-in specifying that individual's language preference. Users scan pages in color or black-and-white, and ensure document integrity by previewing the digital files as thumbnails or full-page images using a large, intuitive touch-screen interface. SendMe Version 3 highlights: Print Package Option Users can also print directly from a Blackberry, cell phone or other mobile device to their MFP. Users can walk up to a copier and import files from digital camera memory sticks, USB drives, or from a network folder and combine with scanned images to create a composite file that can then be emailed, printed or delivered to a document management system. SendMe's "park and release" function enables users to prepare and hold a job, to release it for printing later. Increased Productivity Full page preview and editing, as well as document cleanup, ensures quality immediately after scanning and comes standard. Users can also mark and file documents with digital Bates Stamping and use digital "rubber stamps" to designate draft, approved or confidential material. All document editing can be done at the walk-up environment -- no desktop software is required. Robust Adobe PDF features are also included -- Acrobat compliant annotations and searchable OCR (optical character recognition) text. Live, two-way communication with billing and document management databases enables users to select from pre-defined workflows and choose meta-data from pull-down lists. Users are offered appropriate meta-data choices in an intuitive interface, reducing errors and streamlining the meta-data entry process at the walk-up environment. Greater Connectivity SendMe connects to any networked MFP (multi-function peripheral) or TWAIN-compliant scanner, and easily integrates with corporate network, e-mail lists, and file management databases. SendMe also connects to more than 20 complementary industry-leading third-party software packages (list available at www.efi.com/support/sendme), and features a simple yet powerful API for quick workflow customization. Enhanced Document Security SendMe comes standard with usage tracking, 128-bit password- protected encryption, and advanced Fiery smart compression technology to enhance both security and speed. EFI offers the additional Authentication Options: Users can release their confidential print jobs by using fingerprint and card reader options provide quick and secure login. The card reader options are compliant with industry standards, which are supported by more than 50 control card manufacturers. The Authentication Options provide the ideal solution where document security is key, such as in the healthcare, legal, and financial services industries, as well as in government agencies. "The new version of SendMe showcases EFI's renowned technology innovation as we enhance an already successful product to provide increased value for our customers," said Frank Mallozzi, vice president, worldwide marketing and sales. "The new document security capabilities and ability to print to the MFP from a mobile device -- including the ubiquitous Blackberry -- deliver greater efficiencies that help customers compete in a dynamic market." Availability EFI SendMe Version 3 is available now, through authorized EFI resellers and distributors, including Danka (the Belgium Ministry of Finance's resource), Xerox direct sales force, authorized agents and TeleWeb operations, and Ricoh direct sales organization and dealers. IKON Office Solutions sells SendMe under private brand, IKON DocSend.