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New ProServ Virtual provides 24/7 service and support for MAN Roland sheetfed press users

Press release from the issuing company

Westmont, Illinois — MAN Roland Inc. has developed a cost-effective method to put its top technicians on call in its customers’ pressrooms — 24/7. ProServ Virtual press protection directly connects a printer’s sheetfed press crew with MAN Roland’s Rapid Response Team so a solution to any technical problem they might encounter is just a phone call away. “Think of ProServ Virtual as uptime insurance for a MAN Roland press,” said Jon Surch, Vice President of Sheetfed Service. “In most cases, it eliminates the need for a live service call. The press crew is not forced to wait for hours for a technician to journey to their plant, and travel time and the associated labor charges are eliminated.” “With ProServ Virtual coverage on board, our factory-certified master technicians can talk a press operator through all but the most serious problem and help him fix it on the spot. The result: production schedules stay on track and the printer’s customers stay satisfied.” ProServ Virtual offers a variety of response levels, so printing facilities can select the one that best suits their operation... ProServ VirtualTech provides the online advantages of TelePresence, MAN Roland’s digital remote diagnostic solution, as well as unlimited over-the-phone assistance for one low annual subscription fee. By attaching a TelePresence module and a broadband line to their MAN Roland PECOM-equipped press, subscribers get the digitally driven benefits of real-time remote diagnostics and software repair. This package of protection also accommodates E-Eyes, a wireless video link that adds the dimension of real-time vision to remote service calls. ProServ VirtualTech subscribers can further opt to add WebPhone to their package. It connects their PECOM console directly to the Rapid Response Team via a broadband line. That gives press crews an Internet-direct link to the ultimate in remote support. Also included on this level are two Semi-Annual Last Alarms File Reports. These PECOM-generated analyses graph the frequency and patterns of critical press functions. That gives MAN Roland technicians the data they need to chart the performance of a press over time and correct any anomaly before it affects performance. ProServ VirtualPhone Max-Digital. This option is designed for press rooms that are not yet connected to TelePresence support, but are utilizing MAN Roland’s PECOM press operating and digital automation system. For one low annual fee, it supplies all the benefits of VirtualTech, without the TelePresence connection. The advantages of WebPhone can be added at this level as well. ProServ VirtualPhone Max-Non-Digital. This is the annual subscription package for MAN Roland presses without PECOM. It provides unlimited 24/7/365 phone coverage and an Annual Sheet Diagnosis that keeps the Rapid Response Team and a company’s press crews on top of the press’s overall condition. ProServ VirtualPhone is the pay-as-you-go alternative. Users are charged an hourly rate for every call. The amount is billed according to the type of press they run and the time of day they require assistance. A minimum one-hour charge applies to each request. However, the call is free if the problem isn’t resolved. More detailed descriptions of new ProServ support packages can be obtained by contacting Jon Surch, Vice President of Sheetfed Service, [email protected], 630.920.2000.