Precision Marketing: Print + Data = Results

A White Paper by WhatTheyThink Senior Editor Cary Sherburne, sponsored by Ricoh

Achieving a Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) is more critical than ever before as marketers embrace an omni-channel customer experience, integrating a variety of channels with real-time analytics. Precision Marketing techniques can deliver ROMI beyond expectations—even double-digit response rates. This white paper, sponsored by Ricoh Europe, introduces the concept of Precision Marketing, includes “Case In Point” examples of the results it delivers, and demonstrates how Big Data doesn’t have to be “big” to be effective—small and mid-sized businesses can benefit as well.

The white paper includes real world case studies demonstrating the types of results that can be achieved. Its focus is on how print service providers can help customers overcome these barriers, resulting in a win/win/win scenario.

  1. Win #1: Your client can increase sales, reduce costs and ensure greater customer loyalty.
  2. Win #2: The end customer (consumer or business) has a better customer experience through relevant and personalised offers and communications in statements, direct mail, personalised catalogue covers and a variety of digital communications.
  3. Win #3: When a company and its customer win, the partner who facilitated the Precision Marketing initiative��� that���s you���also wins.


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