Epson Wins Good Design Award for Printers, Projectors, and Watch

Press release from the issuing company

Tokyo, Japan – Seiko Epson Corporation has won a 2019 Good Design Award for a total of ten products, including five printers, four projectors, and one watch. Good Design Awards are presented annually for designs that benefit and enrich people's lives and society. Three representative design-winners are described below along with the judges' comments.

Inkjet printer: Used for EW-M752T / EP-M552T
Some customers have been concerned that there is too much ink included in large EcoTanks, while others want a product that costs less even if it means there is less ink. This new mechanism features a small tank that is integrated with the printheads, allowing you to print a variety of content without worrying about ink. With this new design, ink can still be injected easily without popping the tank out.

Judges' comments
Focusing on making everyday printing fun, this inkjet printer directly addresses users' desire for reasonably priced and effortless printing. The printer opens people's minds to the possibilities of home-use printing through a variety of innovations and solutions. For example, it has a novel structure with an integrated small tank and printhead, which answers users' concerns about running costs.

Projector: Used for EF-100W / EF-100B / EF-100WATV / EF-100BATV
This small laser home projector can be easily positioned in any room in your home. An all-in-one package with built-in speakers and streaming terminal, this product makes it easy to create a dramatic video experience. The round shape, with a leather-like texture and metal rings, will fit naturally within the interior design of your home.

Judges' comments
The projector makes streaming a compelling visual experience, providing an all-in-one package that allows users to experience this increasingly popular form of communication more freely in many different locales. The designers reportedly focused their energies on making a projector to which users can easily relate. The projector's external design harmonizes with the user's environment and includes elements that encourage active portability. We were very impressed with the features that help ensure the best experiences from the product, such as guidance about how to get more out of the product, a quick manual, opening guide, and an intuitive remote control.

ORIENT Divers watch: Used for RK-AU0301B / RK-AU0302L / RK-AU0303B / RK-AU0305B
The watch boasts great readability by directly building the dial into the case and using a novel shock-absorption structure that gives the watch-face a spacious, gentle appearance. This design allows plenty of space for the 12-hour mark, which itself features a luminous large-size index. These features allow you to quickly make out the vertical axis of the dial in a variety of diving positions.

Judges' comments
This watch combines functionality with a fresh feel. While designed in the continuous style of a diving watch, it features a large case with a face taking up minimal space, giving it a feeling of substantiality. This is a mechanical timepiece that comes with the full shock resistance you would expect from a diving watch, yet it is also notable for its excellent cost performance. The design reflects the watchmaker's knowhow in mechanical watches in a way that gives the watch a personal, familiar feel.

Epson designs recognized with 2018 Good Design Awards, and products using the award-winning designs

Inkjet printer: EW-M752T / EP-M552T
Inkjet printer: PX-S270T / PX-M270T / PX-M270FT
Large-format printer: SC-T5450M
Large-format printer: SC-F550
Large-format printer: SC-P7550 / SC-P9550
Projector: EB-W50
Projector: EF-100W / EF-100B / EF-100WATV / EF-100BATV
Projector: EH-LS500W / EH-LS500B
Projector: EB-L1070U / EB-L1075U / EB-L1050U
ORIENT Divers watch: RK-AU0301B / RK-AU0302L / RK-AU0303B / RK-AU0305B

Note that Epson products and services vary by region. The product names in this news release are used in the Japanese market. Please refer to your local Epson sales company for details of products and services available in your region.


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