21 G7® Experts Certified at IWCO Direct to Serve the Global Print & Packaging Supply Chain

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Alexandria, Va. – Idealliance and IWCO Direct, a recognized leader in direct marketing and a leader in the print supply chain, partnered to host G7 certification and training at the IWCO Direct Chanhassen technical & corporate headquarters outside of Minneapolis, MN for 21 G7 Experts.

These G7 Experts who traveled from across North America to attend certification and training through live print production demonstration and implementation experienced G7 in a cutting edge production facility featuring leading process control strategies from prepress to press including G7 to meet the requirements of their print buyers, brands, and other print supply chain members. These 21 Idealliance certified & licensed G7 Experts & G7 Professionals included members of the print, packaging, and graphic communications supply chains as color management experts ranging from print service providers, prepress, color, and press technicians, operators, OEMs, and global brands.

G7 aligns the global print supply chain through leading print alignment specifications & strategies for one file, one separation, one target, one calibration, one remarkable similar visual appearance, on any machine, any print technology, anywhere in the world. Print Anywhere™ with G7®. G7 is a critical factor to business performance of print and packaging suppliers, and the brands and print buyers they serve as it results in added efficiencies, profitability and continually raises the bar for print production quality and consistency with the support of Idealliance certified G7 Experts.

Idealliance certified G7 Experts support, align, and maintain G7 Master Facilities around the globe, like IWCO Direct, a leader in the print supply chain with all of their facilities nationwide G7 Master Colorspace Qualified, the highest achievement possible for qualified G7 facilities across all print technologies & facilities by driving process control cultures throughout production to allow these print service providers like IWCO Direct to meet the call of brands, creatives, and print buyers regardless of print technology and application to achieve visual consistency and process control throughout all print production workflows.

“Idealliance is proud to certify and serve alongside these twenty-one G7 Experts and the entire global G7 printing & packaging industry. IWCO Direct as a leading print supplier, with a deep focus on process control throughout their workflows gave these G7 Experts a hugely impactful opportunity to see how G7 leads to efficiency, quality, and meets the demands of the supply chain regardless of print technology,” says Jordan Gorski Vice President of Global Certification Programs.

Upcoming G7 Trainings include Anaheim, CA September 24-26; Rochester, NY October 8-10; Antwerp, Belgium November 5-7; Boulder, CO November 5-7; and many others around the globe through Idealliance’s 12 global offices. A calendar of upcoming training can be found at idealliance.org/g7training.

For more information about G7 and G7 training opportunities, visit connect.idealliance.org/g7 or contact Jordan Gorski at +1 (703) 837-1096 or jgorski@idealliance.org