Turchette Clients at Pack Expo & Healthcare Packaging Expo Las Vegas

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Antares Vision, Booth #N-224

Antares Vision, global leader in visual inspection systems, track & trace solutions and smart data management, will introduce a solution for the 100% inspection of tablets & capsules bottled via slat filler at Booth #N-224. The AV Slat View inspects uncoated or coated tablets as well as mono and bi-color capsules. Compatible with a broad range of OEM slat filler brands, the turnkey, easily integrated unit offers simple setup and unlimited recipe storage. Equipped with an advanced color detection algorithm, the AV Slat View’s complete validation package offers high accuracy and a low false reject rate. A configurable alarm that flags and rejects bottles with potential objects eliminates the need for line stoppage.

In conjuntion with strategic partner Weiler Labeling Systems – A ProMach Brand, Antares Vision also will be co-presenting a thought leadership lecture exploring whole-label inspection in the age of print-on-demand, including the emerging prominence of digital applications. The presentation will take place on Tuesday, September 24 at 1pm, at Pack Expo’s Innovation Stage 3.

At its show booth, Antares Vision also will offering a variety of demostrations, including inspection machinery configuarations as well as unit-level serialization and aggregation setups that ensure full DSCSA compliance. Also showcased will be the company’s Track My Way software, a next-generation track & trace platform providing dialogue between various stakeholders throughout a product’s supply chain journey and lifecycle.

HERMA US, Booth N-310

HERMA US Inc., the subsidiary of HERMA GmbH – a Germany-based provider of labeling machinery and self-adhesive labels and materials to the global packaging marketplace – will introduce a new ultra-compact labeling machine at Booth N-310. Designed to meet pharma sector demands for a fully FDA-compliant labeler in a very compact footprint, the HERMA 211 HC Wrap-around Labeler is a semi-automatic unit seen as particularly helpful in the transition from clinical trials to full production, as well as for the smaller-batch manufacturing typically found in biopharmaceuticals settings.

The HERMA 211 HC is suitable for labeling a wide range of cylindrical products including syringes, tubes, glass vials and ampoules. Capable of applying approximately 30 labels per minute, the HERMA 211 HC can handle webs as wide as 80mm, and products ranging in diameter from 10-120mm. The machine’s robust construction makes it ideally suited to continuous operation, even under the most stringent labeling requirements.

IMA DAIRY & FOOD (including Hassia & Erca brands), Booth #C-3200

IMA DAIRY & FOOD, whose equipment solutions comprise the long-established brands Gasti, Hamba, Hassia and Erca, will introduce new and recently enhanced packaging machines. At Booth C-3200, the equipment provider will debut its M-Flex series of multilane form-fill-seal machines, its EFS – a new fill and seal machine for pre-formed cups, as well as two updated units in its P-Series line of portion pack machines.

Hassia’s form-fill-seal (FFS) M-Flex Series F600 Sachet Machine produces four-sided sealed sachets at a speed of up to 80 cycles per minute, and on as many as 16 lanes. Among other differentiators, the F600 offers single-roll functionality, an improvement over two-roll formats. The units run a single wide roll, which is located at floor level for easy changeover and front-and-back sachet registration – an option offering more printing choices than traditional two-roll machines. The F600 can handle rolls as wide as 1,200 mm with a diameter of 800 mm, which can yield up to 16 hours of run time between roll changes; the result is significantly reduced downtime and boosted productivity.

Erca will showcase the EFS, the recently developed new format flexible indexing platform for pre-formed cups. Utilizing new technology enhances the available options and ease of operation and maintenance procedures. Modular in design with stainless steel construction and servo-operations, it allows for flexibility with filling stations, pre-fill and post fill for wet or dry ingredients. The chainless solution for cup transportation enables format flexibility and precision index positioning throughout the machine.

MG America, Booth #N-227

In addition to a track & trace-ready side load case packer and a versatile top-load cartoner that produces up to 80 boxes/min, MG America, the U.S. subsidiary of MG2 of Bologna, Italy and a leading supplier of processing and packaging equipment, will debut a newly patented powder dosing unit. At Booth #N-227, MG America will premiere EXTRUDOR™, an innovative design requiring only one dosing disk per capsule size, regardless the dosage. The new system promises increased flexibility and reduced size parts.

Traditionally, capsule filling has necessitated different dosing disks depending on specific fill weights. By doing away with this mix-and-match approach, EXTRUDOR™ not only simplifies the capsule filling process, but also improves dosing accuracy and fill weight consistency by using a redesigned dosing container and dosing disk for excellent product layer uniformity.

The EXTRUDOR™ technology was developed for MG2's AlternA70N Intermittent Motion Capsule Filler, which is suitable for dosing and filling powders and pellets into hard-shell gelatin capsules. Capable of producing up to 70,000 capsules per hour, the machine features a tamping pin and can handle capsules ranging in size from 00 to 5, DB, elongated. The AlternA70N is equipped with a touchscreen operator-machine interface for easy control of all machine functions.

Maruho Hatsujyo Innovations (MHI), Booth #N-544

Maruho Hatsujyo Innovations (MHI) – the U.S. subsidiary of Maruho Co. Ltd, a Japanese healthcare company with subsidiaries in Europe and the U.S., will introduce a new 3D printed tool prototyping service at Booth #N-544. Designed to dramatically reduce the cost of metal tooling, the quick turnaround service produces usable tooling from a 3D image in days rather than weeks.

3D printed prototypes are perfect for use in test situations and can eliminate long turnaround times and significantly cut costs. The new service allows MHI's customers expediently produce sample blister cavities that are nearly identical to final production.

Omega Design Corporation, Booth C-4433

Omega Design Corporation – a global provider of innovative packaging machinery for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and consumer healthcare industries, and a worldwide leader in bottle unscrambling technology – will feature a module that meets the approaching 2023 DSCSA aggregation. At Booth C-4433, the company will demonstrate its Intelli-Pac™ Manual Case Aggregation System for the handling of serialized cartons or bottles.

Configurable for manual to semi-automatic operation, the Intelli-Pac Manual Case Aggregation System processes loose or bundled bottles and cartons, affording the ability to seamlessly integrate layered aggregation technology. Complete with a case loading table and handheld scanner, the machine incorporates a case label printer and module-specific operator touchscreen into existing lines, and provides connectivity to a customer’s preferred data management system.


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