New Label Academy Guide Sets Out Flexible Packaging Opportunities for Converters

Friday, February 01, 2019

Global on-the-job education resource for the label and package printing industry, the Label Academy, has published a new guide covering all aspects of flexible packaging, in response to this sector’s huge predicted growth and the opportunities it will create for narrow- and mid-web converters.

Illustrated Flexible Packaging: A technical guide for narrow- and mid-web converters is the latest addition to the Label Academy’s best-selling series of 15 expert-led books covering the entire industry. It is the first time the Label Academy has produced a stand-alone guide on flexible packaging. Authored and compiled by founder of the Label Academy Mike Fairley, and Chris Ellison, president of European label trade association FINAT and managing director of UK-based converter OPM (Labels & Packaging) Group, the book is a thorough and essential introduction to flexible packaging for narrow- and mid-web converters.

Alongside an overview of flexible packaging, there are dedicated chapters on identifying the substrates currently available in the marketplace, and an in-depth analysis of the multi-layer constructions and barrier properties. Most importantly, for converters who have never had a solution to short-run flexible packaging orders, the book provides clear practical market applications and opportunities.

Fairley explained: “Flexible packaging now has one of the highest growth rates across all printing sectors, with an annual global increase of around five percent. This offers limitless and truly exciting possibilities for the narrow- and mid-web converter looking to diversify, especially into shorter run products such as pouches, single serve and one-dose packs and sachets.

“However, as it’s not a straightforward entry process, a key purpose of this book is to set out the challenges and practical ways to navigate these. Alongside this, a technical grasp of what flexible packaging is, as well as the various substrates, pack-sealing, specific user requirements, pre-press requirements and everything in between, is absolutely vital. This book addresses these, and is an essential read for any label converter wishing to succeed in such a competitive sector – whether they are at entry level or looking to expand into flexible packaging.”

A dedicated flexible packaging master class to supplement this book is planned at a future Labelexpo Global Series event, and they will be adding to their book series this year.

Illustrated Flexible Packaging: A technical guide for narrow- and mid-web converters can be purchased directly from www.label-academy.com/bookstore, or is available on local Amazon.com stores.