Mimeo Launches New Tracking Capabilities For Growing Customer Base

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

NEW YORK - Mimeo, the innovator of content managed services in print and digital formats, announces the release of its new application, Mimeo Tracking. The new application enables customers to seamlessly compile and track the status of single packages or thousands of shipments, all on one screen.

"Mimeo Tracking solves a lot of pain points for our customers, particularly ones that need to ship their materials to multiple locations," said Heath Cajandig, Vice President, Product. "After speaking with our customers, notably retailers with multiple locations, we immediately saw the value in adding this functionality to our product roadmap."

Mimeo customers who place an order shipping to multiple locations can now leverage Mimeo Tracking, providing instant visibility into the status of all of your packages, all on one screen.
Mimeo Tracking is an active feature on all existing Mimeo Print accounts, an application within Mimeo's platform. Mimeo Print enables users to distribute on-demand print and warehoused materials to hundreds of locations, all through placing a single order. The new feature automates an otherwise heavily manual process of inputting tracking numbers from shipping carriers and viewing statuses on multiple screens. Shipments are color coded and can be filtered based on status.

Mimeo Tracking simplifies the logistical complexities of large marketing and training initiatives across multiple locations, commonly referred to as 'Rollouts,' in the retail, restaurant, and hospitality industries. The launch of Mimeo Tracking solidifies Mimeo's mission of giving customers back their time through an effortless experience. By pinpointing a package's location on a map in real time, Mimeo Tracking also provides a visual representation of each package's journey to its end destination.

The release of Mimeo Tracking marks another milestone in a year of growth and innovation for Mimeo. Earlier in the year, Mimeo acquired the assets of HubCast, a cloud-based application that allows global marketers to produce print materials in-region, for localized delivery. Mimeo HubCast is currently active with Fortune 500 customers. Along with the recent launch of Mimeo Digital, an application enabling enterprises to securely manage and distribute digital content in any format.