Spencermetrics Announces Job Tracking Upgrade

Monday, September 26, 2016

Melville, NY - SPENCERMETRICS LLC, the leading provider of real-time press productivity analytics, today announced a version 5.1.7 upgrade to the spencermetrics connect® system. The connect system will be demonstrated during Graph Expo 16, at booth #2185 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL, September 25-28, 2016. 

The Job Tracking Module enables users to determine the true cost of job production. The feature allows connect users to analyze actual job cost data, enabling more accurate pricing and scheduling decisions. The job tracking feature provides metrics on both productive and non-productive job time, so that managers can make informed production planning and accounting determinations. 

The connect system automatically picks up job names from the Digital Front End (DFE) and tracks associated printing and processing time, good impressions/page printing, waste and rework printing and other shop floor support activities for each job. The Job Analysis feature allows for comparison of job cost estimates with actual time and resources required to complete the job. This feature is extremely valuable for commercial printers and in-plants looking to get accurate job-related data to refine their estimation, billing, scheduling, and time-resource planning. 

“Enhancements and feature additions to connect are driven by customer feedback. Tracking job data automatically was one of our most popular user demands; this feature increases the connect system value proposition even further”, said David R Spencer, President/CEO of spencermetrics.

The connect system is meeting the demands of automation and real-time information delivery, providing its users with detailed knowledge of revenue- and non-revenue-producing tasks. With the ongoing development of the system – enhancing the ease of data collection, facilitating the incorporation of operator knowledge, browser-based data analysis, dashboard reporting, and availability of drill-down details — connect continues to enable production printing facilities to improve uptime and productivity and to drive down waste and costs. 

Cloud-based spencermetrics systems can be cost-effective with a single press as well as with a fleet of presses and intelligent production equipment from various vendors in multiple locations; local and centralized management analytics are supported. Designed for today’s security and IT environments, connect can be installed and operational in just days.