Tilia Labs announces two new products at drupa for wide format and collaboration

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Ottawa, Canada - Tilia Labs Inc., creator of Phoenix, the new standard for planning and imposition automation, announces two exciting new additions: Griffin and Helios.


Griffin is a powerful automatic layout solution for wide format printers.  It sports a modern, ultra-responsive interface, beautiful visuals, and intuitive design. Under the hood Griffin leverages the blazing fast Phoenix nesting engine to create true-shape tightly nested layouts, helping drive down substrate costs and increase throughput.  A key advantage of Griffin is its vendor neutrality.  It is designed to work well with virtually all presses and cutting tables.  Any print shop creating layouts manually and struggling to meet deadlines or failing to maximize substrate usage will enjoy immediate benefits with Griffin.  With it’s simple design, little to no training is needed to get up and running.


Helios is central command for connecting, managing, and collaborating on orders and jobs across an organization. Companies with multiple people working on planning and imposition know it’s important to share the same information and data to avoid errors and duplicate work. Phoenix provided a giant leap in this direction, uniting planning and prepress departments.  Helios takes this to new heights, providing teams with a birds eye view of orders, imposed layouts, and marks.  Orders and layouts can be moved between jobs, assigned to groups or users, and flagged as completed or any arbitrary state. Helios will also have the capability to directly control Phoenix for automated job planning, reporting results back via a public API. 

Sagen de Jonge, CEO at Tilia Labs, says “Griffin and Helios have been in the works for a long time. Since day one when we brought Phoenix into planning we have had requests for a higher level management tool with user connectivity and tight integration with surrounding systems. Helios is our response and we are extremely excited about the opportunities it presents. We see Helios as an area where we can really innovate and automate some key bottlenecks we keep running into with the companies we’re talking to.”

de Jonge continues “Griffin is meant to fit the modern app mold. The design and layout are so simple and well thought out the program explains itself. Behind the scenes it has a ton of smarts baked in, and of course an incredible nesting engine. The final touch is a user interface that has been fine tuned so every action is instantly responsive. We’re very proud of both of these products and can’t wait to unleash them into the market.”

Griffin and Helios are slated for release fall 2016. Tech previews will be on full display at drupa in Tilia Labs stand D41 in hall 7a from May 31st to June 10th.