Ink Router API Now Serves Print Sellers and Trade Printers

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Procure Print for Less, Receive Orders at Zero Cost   

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - Ink Router is a unique API technology taking the printing industry by storm. It now facilitates the work of both print sellers and trade printers. It is the premiere and leading bi-directional API for the buying and selling of print on the market. When using Ink Router, the print reseller always receives the lowest landed cost for the product being sold. Trade printers are now able to drive orders without a surcharge for products they manufacture. They also have the ability to manage price ranges and set available production times.  

Director of Business Development, Robert Godwin, explains, “Ink Routersm  uses algorithmic adaptive intelligencesmto match orders to producers based on JDF/CIP4 standards. Product matching based on the reseller’s needs and the printer’s capability is both reliable and optimal."  

For the past three years, this proven technology has been matching print manufacturers with each other while managing thousands of orders on a daily basis. It is now being offered to the industry as a core service component for print resellers, brokers and print buyers –as well as for trade printers – who want to produce marketing collateral for clients. 

No other API exists that provides access to a network of print providers without charging a fee per transaction. Using this service makes it more cost effective for print producers and their broker customers to take advantage of underutilized capacity.    

Ink Routersm will be showcased at drupa 2016, the industry's largest trade show. The show will be held from May 31st through June 10th, 2016 in Dusseldorf, Germany. Ink Router will be demonstrated in the drupa innovation parc (DIP), Hall 07, booth A10.  

Ink Routersm is now available as a standalone service. The integration is simple and the documentation is extensive with excellent examples. It is compatible with many of the most popular MIS systems and website platforms. The task of mapping product portfolios to the JDF/CIP4 standards is a straightforward process. Current users have been able to "go-live" in as little as one week.  

Key features and benefits for this service that is available to both print resellers and trade printers include: 

  • no charge for the API technology 
  • a rapidly growing network of printers and sellers 
  • thorough and easy to understand user documentation