GMG and HYBRID Software on course to integrate GMG OpenColor and PACKZ prepress software for labels and packaging

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

PACKZ users will be able to benefit from the most accurate profiling for any color conversion

Tubingen, GERMANY – GMG, the leading developer and supplier of high-end color management software solutions, announces that it is well on its way toward offering OpenColor color separation technology within HYBRID Software's PACKZ label and packaging editor and workflow. Visitors at drupa will certainly see how the award winning multichannel profiling software fits seamlessly within PACKZ.

Packaging is noted for print projects that include a large number of process and spot colors. The integration with GMG OpenColor will allow PACKZ to use the most accurate color profiles available, allowing PACKZ to use the color conversion within its PDF editor to assure the most accurate transformations. This is particularly useful if the number of ink units are changed, or if the printer wants the most consistent representation of their brand colors.

PACKZ: Productivity tools for making designs print ready

PACKZ, from HYBRID Software, is the only professional editor for labels and packaging prepress that works entirely in the native PDF environment. Files are never converted, normalized, or "imported" into an intermediate format, but instead are edited directly as PDF files using HYBRID´s own PDF library, which was developed specifically for the demanding prepress requirements of labels and packaging. PACKZ contains a complete set of prepress-, editing- and quality assurance-functions, such as trapping, separation handling, barcode creation and recognition, dynamic creation of info panels, object based screening and many more. With its modern 64-bit architecture, running under OS-X and Windows, the native PDF-Editor ensures maximum performance and usability.  

GMG OpenColor: Reliable proof profiles for packaging printing 

GMG's unique, patented OpenColor technology enables accurate proof simulation of the overprinting effects of spot colors using special multicolor profiles. The spectral data calculation includes printing technologies, media types and printing order—and its results are so reliable that profile iterations are not necessary. GMG OpenColor is a complete printing press simulator—even if only CMYK is printed. It can demonstrate the effect of changing the order of the color sequence, the print density or the substrate, immediately calculating a new profile. Thus, the result of changed conditions are predicted accurately and with minimal expenditure. 

The centralized storage of color data in GMG OpenColor and the color stability of GMG ColorProof ensure absolutely accurate results and repeatable quality. 

Integrating GMG OpenColor with PACKZ, it is possible to use any GMG OpenColor proofing profile to create a GMG OpenColor separation profile directly into the PDF editor. The benefit is that only one set of accurate fingerprint characterization data is required. For example, if a print designer sends a 12-color job that will be transformed to an extended color gamut job, the output conversion will be created directly from the supplied GMG profile. PACKZ has ability to color convert the entire file—or object by object or individual colors. The PACKZ engine does the conversion, but with the GMG profiling technology, using the dynamic data provided by GMG OpenColor. If a printer is already using GMG OpenColor to create color data for proofing, then GMG separations and the integration with PACKZ will be an easy, logical step to assure accurate color. 

"GMG is very happy to be integrating our color management and profiling tools with HYBRID Software's PACKZ. We believe we create better color than anyone else. We like to offer our customers as many opportunities to seamlessly apply our color management tools as they operate other premedia solutions," comments Paul Barnes, Product Management, GMG. "We have been working closely with HYBRID Software to combine color profiling and conversion into one, interconnected packaging solution. We recently finalized the delivery mechanism between the two software systems, and will be starting field tests with select customers shortly. We expect that the official product release will occur no later than drupa. Ultimately, users will get much better results. It's why people choose to implement better color management from GMG."

"We are very pleased to be working with GMG Software. Their color management engine is noted as the best in the industry, and we want to ensure that anyone who uses PACKZ can benefit from the most accurate color conversions," remarks Christopher Graf, Managing Director, HYBRID Software GmbH. "Color is a critical demand of any label or packaging print buyer, and PACKZ users will soon be able to assure this to their customers."