PIA’s Marty Maloney Takes “Print Drives America” On the Road

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

New York - Printing Industries Alliance has announced that Marty Maloney their Executive Vice President is taking his presentation “Print Drives America” on the road. The presentation clearly positions and proves that Print is the dominant media!

The presentation made its debut in a 50th floor CitiGroup meeting room in Long Island City last month. The presentation was very well received as well as a successful call to organize a Long Island City chapter for the Printing Industries Alliance affiliate of New York State and northern New Jersey.

In March the Print Drives America presentation will be given in Buffalo and in April the presentation will be made in Suffolk County Long Island, northern New Jersey, Albany and Syracuse. Presentations in May are now being planned. Presentations can be scheduled for meetings of associations, printing companies and vendors.

PIA’s Marty Maloney comments, “It’s time to set the record straight, the perception of Print is far below where it should be. The advertising value of media is $300 billion each year in the U.S. and the portions that are Print total more than half at over $150 billion.  The next largest media is television at $70-75 billion. Print is not one of the old media or one of the new experimental, alternative medias. Print is the largest, most well established and most effective media of all. We need to be stating the fact that Print is Dominant at every opportunity we get”.

When asked how long it took to put this presentation together, Marty responded… a full career’s worth. Marty Maloney’s career has the unique blend of printing, marketing, media, academics and management. He is the founder of 32 year old Broadford & Maloney, Inc., the largest global firm providing strategic marketing and public relations services to the industry. He has served on several industry boards including, the Lead Director of a $2 billion dollar printing firm. He is a founder and first Executive Director of The Print Council, as well as a long time professor in graduate school at NYU. He is considered an expert in management, marketing and media and most importantly is the Executive Vice President of The Printing Industries Alliance.