Proforma Announces Exclusive Partnership with HomingPIN

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Agreement Makes Proforma the Only Provider of the Lost Property and Recovery System in the U.S. Promotional Products Industry

CLEVELAND – Proforma is proud to announce a new partnership with HomingPIN, the creator of the world's first global lost property and recovery system, to be the exclusive provider of this proprietary technology in the promotional products industry.

“Proforma’s contract with HomingPIN is the latest in several exciting partnerships formed to help Proforma Owners provide the newest and most innovative products to their clients,” said Michele Cardello, Director of Strategic Partner Development at Proforma. “HomingPIN offers a lost item recovery system that is extremely unique. We are thrilled that Proforma Owners will be the first to introduce this product to the market.”

HomingPIN provides durable tags for bags and asset labels for other valuables that have a unique number code linked to the owner’s phone number and email address. This technology is the world’s first system that protects all travelers’ possessions, stops identity theft and is integrated into more than 2,200 airports via baggage tracing systems worldwide. HomingPIN products have been proven successful in recovering lost mobile phones, cameras, laptops, passports, wallets and a variety of other personal items.

“I have several clients who are already very excited to incorporate HomingPIN’s innovative technology into their marketing campaigns,” said Andy Fornaro, Owner of Proforma R & E Graphics and Million Dollar Club Member. “Proforma is continually adding new supplier partners to our preferred network, giving us regular access to exclusive new products, relationships and the best industry pricing. This is one of the most powerful ways Proforma helps us open the door to big opportunities and increase our sales.”

Proforma’s preferred limited partner network is comprised of more than 500 of the industry’s best supplier partners. With $500 million in collective buying power, Proforma’s supplier partners offer exclusive pricing, unparalleled service, importing and fulfillment resources and more. Proforma Owners have direct access to key Suppliers at Proforma events, private Vendor Showcases and world-class networking trips.

For more information on HomingPIN’s capabilities, please visit their website at www.HomingPIN.com.