Mimaki USA announces fluorescent and light black dye sublimation inks

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Brighter colors and smoother gradations for apparel, soft signage and textile applications

Suwanee, GA – Mimaki USA, a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutters, today announced the availability of Sb410 fluorescent pink and yellow, and light black dye sublimation ink. Fluorescent inks produce bright colors beyond the range reproducible by process color printing, while light black ink creates smooth gradations. 

These original Mimaki inks are for use in the TS300P production dye sublimation printer. They are available in 2 liter ink packs and are optimized for use in the Mimaki Bulk Ink System 3 (MBIS3) – standard on the TS300P printer – for longer, unattended printing and lower ink costs.

Sublimation inkjet systems, such as the TS300P printer, are increasingly being employed in apparel production lines. Eye-catching neon colors and nuanced color printing are becoming more in-demand for the sports and fashion apparel markets. The new ink colors developed by Mimaki Engineering add value to these finished products. 

Fluorescent pink and yellow deliver eye-catching accents

Fluorescent inks are popular for sports outfits, fashion apparel and eye-catching soft signage. The fluorescent pink and yellow inks deliver bright neon colors beyond the range of colors reproducible by process color only, and are highly desirable in the sports apparel market. They are utilized in the RIP through either an extended multi-color gamutor as spot color additions to a standard process workflow. The fluorescent inks reach beyond the traditional color range of magenta and yellow inks enabling the reproduction of intensely vivid colors.

Light black for smoother gradations

The light black ink creates a smooth gradation and reproduces the nuanced tones of monochromatic photographs. Light black ink reduces the granular appearance, color shifting, and tone jumps that occur on monochrome/grayscale prints.