Fineline Printing Group Announces Finelink 2.0

Thursday, February 04, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - Fineline Printing Group recently announced the release of their leading print-on-demand and integrated marketing technology named Finelink 2.0.

Known for it’s use of customer-focused technology throughout it’s organizational history, Fineline has developed a way to utilize technology to create a second-generation multi-channel marketing solution, Finelink 2.0, that empowers organizations and their teams to customize, collaborate and report on print requirements in a way that doesn’t exist elsewhere in this market.

Built as an adaptable solution, Finelink 2.0 is individually custom created to serve companies of any size, within any vertical or industry served. This second-generation platform introduces new, innovative features such as reporting, adaptable API integrations, and full-suite marketing tools.

Finelink 2.0 provides:

  • Integrated digital asset management
  • Full-suite online document editor
  • Collaboration features
  • Quick-turn requests
  • Regulatory compliance demands
  • Brand consistency
  • Adaptable print and ordering approval processes across multiple locations and departments

Alongside its state-of-the-art features, Finelink 2.0 is an online extension of the Fineline service clients are already receiving, with dedicated service representatives and a robust IT support team.

“Fineline’s motto is “We will not ask for your business until we can improve it,” and Finelink 2.0 is a true extension of that mission in serving our clients and contributing to their business growth. In an exciting, and rapidly changing time for print, marketing, and technology landscapes, it is essential that we evolve to offer clients dynamic solutions that empower them to do their jobs smarter, faster and better,” said Richard Miller, President of Fineline Printing Group. “15 years ago, people would tell me that printing was dying. Finelink 2.0 is a classic example of taking a critical need (printing) and transforming it into a dynamic solution that can disrupt the industry and its client’s organizations in a postive way. This is the type of innovation we strive for at Fineline, and I am proud of our entire organization, not only in building such a revolutionary solution, but having an overall mindset on what serves our clients best and how we can evolve with the industry – which I believe is one of the top-most attributes and differentiator as a company.” 

Fineline’s 2015 Companies to Watch award was based on the Finelink 2.0 platform and its innovation in marketing and print industries. To learn more about Finelink 2.0 features and benefits please visit our video here or download the Finelink 2.0 brochure to share with your team.