NPES Announces the Publication of ISO/PAS 15339:2015 Printing From Digital Data Across Multiple Technologies

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Reston, VA - An international, multi-vendor, ISO (International Organization for Standardization) TC130 committee has completed the development of ISO/PAS 15339 Graphic technology—Printing from digital data across multiple technologies—a publicly available specification that defines how to use color characterization data to define process color printing. Characterization data represents the expected relationship between input CMYK electronic data and the printed color on the final product. 

In addition, ISO/PAS 15339 provides printers with a range of color gamuts that are process independent and can be used for the production of printed material from digital data, regardless of the printing process used. This new specification consists of two parts, which are technically identical to CGATS 21 parts 1 and 2:

  • Part 1: Principles, and
  • Part 2: Characterized reference printing conditions, CRPC1–CRPC7

This series of documents will now be easily accessible worldwide.

As early as 1995, the CGATS TR001 data set was used as the aim for SWOP® printing, and defined the expected printing results for web offset publication printing. Over the years, other data sets followed, which eventually led to the publishing of an organized family of data sets, CGATS.21. Based on common pre-defined criteria containing seven characterization data sets, CGATS.21 covers the range of printing from newsprint to GRACoL® through a very large gamut. Although these same data sets were introduced into ISO before they were standardized by the Committee for Graphics Arts Technology Standards (CGATS), it was not until now that they were finally approved as ISO Publicly Available Specifications (PAS), 15339-1 and 15339-2.

The primary input to, and leadership of, this project has come from the U.S. Technical Advisory Group (USTAG) experts in ISO TC130 including many members of CGATS.

Ray Cheydleur, USTAG and CGATS Chair, noted, "The publication of ISO/PAS 15339 through ISO shows that the worldwide graphic arts community recognizes the impact that this series of documents can have on the success, quality and workflow of printers, particularly when color quality is of importance."

ISO/PAS 15339, Graphic technology—Printing from digital data across multiple technologies is now available from NPES. For more information visit the Standards Workroom at: www.npes.org/programs/standardsworkroom.aspx.

NPES supports and administers the activities of the USTAG to TC130. Participation on the USTAG is open to anyone having an interest. For more information contact Debbie Orf, Assistant Director of Standards Programs at phone: 703/264-7200 or e-mail: dorf@npes.org.