Action mailers capitalizes on growing direct mail opportunity with Ricoh’s InfoPrint 5000 GP color inkjet platform

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Expands investment in Ricoh technology with addition of a full color system to its existing monochrome lineup 

MALVERN, PA – Ricoh Americas Corporation today announced that Action Mailers Inc, a leading direct marketing and mail production provider, has expanded its relationship with Ricoh by adding the InfoPrint 5000 GP full color continuous feed inkjet system to its print portfolio in order to transform their direct mail operations with increased production capacity and overall productivity. The selection complements Action Mailers’ recent installation of an InfoPrint 5000 MP monochrome system and reflects their continued investment in Ricoh’s platforms.

Established in 1972, Action Mailers has grown into a major direct mail production facility in the Philadelphia area with more than 150 employees, all while remaining family owned. The company is a full service provider focusing on the non-profit segment and has been working with Ricoh to improve its mail operations using the InfoPrint 5000 MP to manage the printing of its full array of black and white mailers. In addition to monochrome printing, they also sought a solution that would allow them to increase productivity and color output capacity while decreasing project time and remaining competitive. The company continued its migration to inkjet and selected Ricoh’s InfoPrint 5000 GP full color system due to its ability to leverage efficiencies, flexibility in accommodating their current mix of applications, and ability to help them expand. 

“Because we are a family-run business, even as we grow, we maintain personal relationships with many of our customers,” said Bob Kolva, Director of Data and Imaging Operations, Action Mailers. “The time and investment Ricoh delivers made them an easy choice to work with from the beginning. To date, the InfoPrint 5000 platform has met and exceeded our expectations for lowering costs, increasing performance and delivering quality output to our customers. So when it came time to try utilizing color inkjet to expand our business and decrease costs, it didn’t take a lot of convincing for us to add the InfoPrint 5000 GP to our portfolio. We are confident that we’ll be seeing returns on our investment for years to come.”

Ricoh’s InfoPrint 5000 GP platform offers Action Mailers scalability, and higher-impact direct mail applications with full color. It supports a wide range of ink types, paper stocks and file formats, along with support for process and spot colors and International Color Consortium (ICC)–based color management. For Action Mailers, the InfoPrint 5000’s PANTONE PLUS and G7 certification afford the company a wider gamut of colors in a consistent manner. Available with one of the longest-lasting printheads available on the market, the InfoPrint 5000 series saves Action Mailers time and money by reducing the frequency with which they need to be replaced. 

“Like so many of our customer relationships, we have come to see Action Mailers as a partner, not just a client. By allowing us to work with them to grow their direct mail business over the recent years, they have helped us to understand the unique challenges of their industry and grow our own product lines as a result,” said John Fulena, Vice President, Production Printing Business Group, Ricoh Americas Corporation. “Having seen many clients grow from monochrome to color inkjet printing, when Action Mailers came to us looking for technology that would help them utilize color cost-efficiently, we knew that our InfoPrint 5000 GP platform would complement their current investment in the platform and empower them with even more possibilities. We look forward to our continued collaboration with Action Mailers.”