Flint Group launches three game-changing VarnĀ® Supreme fountain solutions in North America

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

NORTH AMERICA - Plymouth, MI – With thousands of printers in North America and the wide variety of printing they do, pressroom chemical needs vary greatly. Flint Group has just launched three new Varn® Supreme fountain solutions to help printers streamline the fountain solutions they use for these diverse needs.  

Each of the new one-step founts is versatile enough to use with conventional, UV, hybrid and HUV applications, and each excels at low doses. This unequaled versatility leads to more economical printing and has great potential to streamline pressroom products used in any given printing location.

In addition, each of the new Varn Supreme founts offers a unique benefit to help printers with special demands:

Varn Supreme CA 550 is a mild-acid sheetfed fount with the same level of corrosion-inhibiting benefits as OEM-approved founts.

Supreme CERT 788 is a mild-acid, OEM-approved fountain solution for sheetfed and web offset printing. 

Supreme RSN 818 is designed for use on Komori presses with Reverse Slip Nip dampening systems. 

“Our scientists have done a great job,” notes Greg Yoder, Business Director Pressroom Chemicals for Flint Group North America. “The new technology changes the way our customers can think about fountain solution.” 

“We wanted to give our customers greater flexibility, whether they dedicate their operations to a singular purpose or run multiple technologies and applications in one location,” notes John Fatigato, Director of Technology, Chemical Products Division. “These new founts meet that goal, while also providing better overall performance and reduced waste compared to most competitive founts.”