Brazilian Printer Installs first FormerLine Book Printing Block in Americas

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

The Brazilian printer FTD is a pioneer for digital book production

For the first time, the FormerLine is on target for touring across the pond. With Editora FTD it reaches a company that is number one in education and book printing in Brazil. With a brand new digital printing press, including the book block solution FomerLine, the big publishing- and printing house increases its inkjet capacities from the end of 2015.  

Making education accessible for everybody: This high demand has driven the educational publisher FTD in São Paulo for 113 years now. For pushing educational opportunities, schoolbooks have to be produced fast and flexibly today. The market requires low production- and storage costs, a publisher does not want to be stuck with antiquated educational material. Due to this, Editora FTD invested in a digital printing press for their book production. The variable folding system FormerLine helps to guide the educational books to the favored webs and formats at inline- and online operation. Subsequently, the book blocks get glued. WorkflowBridge automatically adjusts the folding component for every job. The MasterQ software from manroland web systems enables a logistically perfect job handling 

Workflow for Small Runs
Reginaldo Soares Damasceno, Managing Director Production at FTD, is a convinced EUROMAN user since 2012. He sets the same expectations in the FormerLine. „We wanted to develop our industrial inkjet book production. Therefore we were looking for a highly automated and integrated solution that offers an efficient production of small runs. For small runs we need short makeready times. We can achieve this due to optimal production planning with MasterQ. For the future we can produce glued book blocks with highest quality in a digital way and we can pass them on to the existing binding equipment without any problems.”  

Digital Book Printing Booms
Also manroland web systems emphasizes the importance of education, what led to an immense advance in digital finishing solutions. Alwin Stadler, Vice President Digital Printing at manroland web systems notices an increasing interest in digital folding solutions like the FormerLine and the FoldLine all over the world. He is pleased about the circumstance that the attention affects in worldwide orders: “It is not by chance that the first American FormerLine will be installed at the printing nation Brazil after there have been installations in innovative markets such as Europe and China. We have been developing for a long time, the result is convincing”, Stadler knows. 

A Complete Workflow is Effective 
From the end of 2015, the FormerLine will produce, integrated into a book printing workflow with a HP T410 press and a Lift-Collator from RIMA. In doing so, FTD can use the production advantages of the FormerLine in a comprehensive way. This is managed due to an integration with WorkflowBridge and MasterQ, the software for production planning. WorkflowBridge automatically adjusts all folding components; necessary job information will be given by an open interface via JDF/JMF file. To avoid production stops, each job will be checked for validity before handling by WorkflowBridge. MasterQ helps sorting, classifying and verifying incoming jobs from different sources and sets the ideal sequences for the production. MasterQ is also integrated into this connection. Job parameters, such as colors, printing substrate and format, are as well regarded as the characteristics of the particular printing job, as e.g. delivery times.