DATAMATX Completes High Visibility Application for Nevada DMV

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Atlanta-based company launches complex communications platform for Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles

ATLANTA, Ga - DATAMATX, a national outsourcing provider and leader in the distribution of critical business communications and payment services, has completed the final integration of a highly complex certified mail and critical communications platform to meet the needs of the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). DATAMATX worked with the Nevada DMV over a nine-month period to develop a customized solution that allows users the ability to quickly and efficiently search and view online documents, track mail pieces throughout the production process and provide USPS induction and acceptance receipt by the person receiving the mail piece.  

The new application ensures delivery to an end-point address through selective certified mail services and use of the USPS mail tracking and reporting technology. In addition, DATAMATX will be providing historical document archival and storage solutions through the company’s proprietary eVIEW™ system.

“At DATAMATX, our team focuses on developing solutions to meet the customized needs of our clients with the ultimate goal of improving efficiency and saving money for our customers. We are excited to provide a customized solution to the Nevada DMV that allows them to be more efficient operationally and provide improved service to its customers,” said Scott Stephens, COO, DATAMATX.