InfoTrends Study Focuses on the Digitization of Packaging Workflows and its Future

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Weymouth, MA - Manufacturers of consumer products and the companies that create packaging for them face many challenges today, often ones digital production methods help address. Manufacturers need to customize products to target many markets, and to put new versions on retail shelves quickly. Converters need to print short runs of packaging for brand owners efficiently and cost effectively. For all the companies involved, these basic challenges lead to a host of others in communications, job management, printing, and fulfillment.

Many aspects of packaging workflows are already deeply reliant on digital technology, and most others are now becoming so. "InfoTrends’ new study, The Future of Digital Packaging Workflows, is about this digitization of packaging workflows, and its future. “In this new study we want to understand what is driving the digitization of packaging and how software and information exchange enable that transformation”, says Kaspar Roos, Director of InfoTrends’ Production Software Advisory Services. “Brand owners are under pressure to manage an ever exploding number of brand versions, get them to market faster and use digital technology to better engage with the consumer. Converters need to deal with an increase in shorter run production, streamlined ordering and more business automation. This research will obtain global critical insights from both groups that help digital packaging technology vendors with strategizing, product planning and market sizing."

This report will:

  • Describe the packaging market in terms of key stakeholders, information exchange and workflow, and opportunities for digital transformation. 
  • Identify key drivers of digital transformation and supply chain integration across the packaging industry, from designers’ desks to delivery at retail.

  • Find the pain points in packaging workflows that converters and brands cite now, and the ones for which they most want help.

  • Describe the key segments and the top suppliers of software for digital packaging workflows, as well as their main products.

  • Estimate the numbers of packaging converters by major region, including label, flexible packaging, folding carton, and corrugated carton converters.

  • Size and forecast the amount of packaging workflow software sales, by major region.

  • Give insight about future workflow requirements—the needs that tools must address in the years ahead in order to be successful.

The Future of Digital Packaging Workflows will focus on the flow of information that drives and supports the design, converting, delivery, and use of packaging worldwide, and its future. For more information, please visit our online brochure or contact Scott Phinney at 781 616 2123 or scott.phinney@infotrends.com