Leading Australian marketing services platform now bound for US

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Today marks the launch of Alveo Pty Ltd and the commercial release of sourceit, a cloud-based platform to source, manage and buy marketing services. 

sourceit was initially developed as an in-house solution for Australian print and marketing services company, Finsbury Green. Understanding the need to make significant change in their business, Finsbury Green built sourceit from the ground up, to help them adapt to a rapidly changing print management market that required innovative technology-based solutions. 

sourceit is now trusted by over 21,000 users across major government departments and large corporations throughout Australia creating 950% growth over four years for Finsbury Green. 

Recognizing the global potential of the technology, the spin-off company Alveo was formed to offer the sourcing platform to international markets. 

The company is now focused on expansion in the US market and is short-listing potential channel partners. Over the next month the executive team will meet with US-based print managers, brokers, creative agencies and marketing solution vendors. 

Alan Paul, Alveo CEO, said I saw firsthand how this technology helped transform Finsbury Green from a printer into one of the largest marketing services companies in Australia. It was an incredible journey and I look forward to helping other companies grow their own business exponentially.