CHILI Publish Enjoys Spirited Reception at Graph Expo

Friday, October 24, 2014

BRUSSELS - CHILI Publish received warm greetings from numerous Graph Expo attendees who visited the company's exhibit to see CHILI Publisher; the online editing, design, layout, and 3D visualization solution that became a European hit rapidly after its 2010 introduction. Now, at its first Graph Expo since establishing North American operations in New York City, CHILI Publish demonstrated the browser-based application and its advantages to the largest gathering of brand owners, service providers, agencies and publishers in the region.

The occasion, at which numerous attendees signed CHILI Publish sales orders, was also marked by a significant worldwide agreement with Xerox's XMPie company. XMPie joins the growing list of prestigious technology and web portal vendors whose products and services CHILI Publisher easily integrates with, employing what's becoming a renowned API framework. CHILI Publish partners already include: Agfa, Cumulus, EFI DirectSmile, Enfocus, ePrint direct, Esko, Magento, North Plains (Xinet), Tharstern Limited, and Xeikon.

"Our reputation, evidently, preceded us in Chicago," says Kevin Goeminne, CEO of CHILI Publish. He goes on to say that even though the company brought a few cases of "excellent Belgian beer" to demonstrate CHILI Publisher's high level of power, speed, and ease of use in a personalized label workflow, the beer was all but forgotten as a steady stream of visitors crowded the booth.

"Of course we are excited to have this awareness in the North American market," Goeminne says, "but we can't be overly confident, for the sake of our customers. To be a true technology leader, all the time, we have to continue to explore, test, and talk to customers about their changing needs."

As an example of such focus on customer-first operations, CHILI Publish engineers overhauled the entire CHILI Publisher platform in 2013, to insure that the application would be open and upwardly compatible with the advent and adoption of HTML5.

All About CHILI Publisher

Viewed as a game-changer by experts in the dynamic publishing technology segment, CHILI Publisher offers over 150 editing, layout, and design tools that can be used with a variety of document formats, including PDF files, XML-based documents, Collada files, and those imported from Adobe InDesign®. CHILI Publish also provides users with the ability to view edits, folding, and even personalized objects, in 3D.  Administrators can give users varying degrees of access, depending on their skills and permission level. All job sizes and formats, from single pages through multi-page documents and snippets of articles; up-to to the most complex, odd-sized, folded die cuts and packaging items, are accepted. Users can also create documents in CHILI Publisher.  

The professional-level, online document editing solution integrates with the range of workflows and production platforms. System integrators can choose how to incorporate CHILI Publisher software into any workflows and applications, such as web-to-print, magazine publishing, packaging, brand management, and yearbooks.

CHILI Publisher serves a variety of B2B and B2C verticals, allowing nearly any type of company to organize its communication and printing process to involve the customer and any others in the communication process.

The Newest Partner & Next Demonstration

XMPie has built a Connector tooffer CHILI Publish's instant online editing and 3D job visualization to XMPie customers, and has also added a uStore/CHILI Publisher integrated bundle to its solutions offering.

XMPie customers will get a closer look at CHILI Publisher's advantages during the 2014 XMPie Users Group Conference, October 26-29 in Las Vegas, where CHILI Publish is a sponsor. (For more information: http://www.chili-publish.com/agenda)