Mindener Tageblatt (Germany) goes mobile with Agfa Graphics' Eversify

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mindener Tageblatt (MT), a local newspaper (Minden, Germany) with full editorial department, its own printing plant and an approximate newspaper circulation of 32,000 copies, recently went live with their digital “MT ePaper+” edition for tablets and smartphones. The entire production and publication is done with Eversify, and according to Christoph Pepper, editor-in-chief as well as one of the three managing directors, with a premium reading experience as a result.

When MT recently started the development of a mobile newspaper edition for smartphones and tablets, they were confronted with numerous problems. 
Christoph Pepper: 
“Producing a mobile newspaper is a complete different ball game. Our page layout systems are optimized for printed output of newspapers, and not for the production of dynamic content for mobile devices. We needed a highly automated solution that could blend XML data from our editorial systems into an optimized layout for a variety of mobile devices and operating systems.”

This left Mindener Tageblatt with several options: One was making their own solution. Another option was buying one. According to Christoph Pepper, both cases would have resulted in a lot of man hours and a hefty price tag

“We have a long-standing partnership with Agfa Graphics, and use several plate setters as well as their workflow solution. One of the reasons to tackle this project with Agfa Graphics' Eversify solution is the fact that we did not have to invest in additional hardware or software. Eversify comes as a cloud solution that is hosted by Agfa in a secure cloud infrastructure. Changes or new functions are added automatically, so we are always up-to-date.”

Eversify integrates perfectly in the newspaper editorial and production environment and provides ideal conditions for journalistic value through optimal use of resources in editing and production. It automatically creates highly appealing ePapers, which can also be edited in an easy-to-use back office when needed. 
Christoph Pepper concludes:

“Once again, Agfa Graphics has proven to be a very professional partner in product conception, design and support. Together with them, we were able to develop our digital “MT ePaper+” edition smoothly.”