Agfa Graphics launches Attiro, a high-speed clean-out unit for violet chemistry-free plates

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Groundbreaking cascade technology offers newspaper publishers considerable productivity and sustainability benefits

Agfa Graphics today introduced the Attiro clean-out unit (COU) for newspaper publishers running N94-VCF violet chemistry-free plates.

Attiro’s unique cascade concept saves users extra money on maintenance and gum while contributing to a more sustainable prepress process. It comprises three small gum sections to clean-out N94-VCF printing plates. The concentrated gum is effectively reused as it cascades from the third section to the second and then to the first. The result: minimal gum consumption for a maximal clean-out effect.

“Attiro demonstrates Agfa Graphics’ commitment to the newspaper business and the continuous research and development in the area of chemistry-free plates. N94-VCF has been a tremendous success since it was launched three years ago, and with the addition of the new Attiro clean-out system our chem-free plates can offer even greater profit for our plate consumers all over the world,” said Reinhilde Alaert, Newspaper Segment Manager, Agfa Graphics.

There are many benefits the Attiro COU brings to those using N94-VCF violet, chem-free plates, including:

  • Bath life is doubled
  • Gum usage is reduced by 75%
  • Maintenance frequency is cut by 50%
  • Waste is lowered by 17%

Agfa Graphics' innovative violet plate technology has set the standard for chemistry-free processing in the newspaper industry. Press operators around the world appreciate N94-VCF plates as they produce an exceptionally strong image contrast and there's absolutely no on-press contamination.

Attiro will make its global debut at the World Publishing Expo 2014 in Amsterdam (NL) in October. Visit Agfa Graphics in hall 9 booth 240 of the RAI in Amsterdam to see Attiro and N94-VCF. The clean-out unit will be available for customer shipment in Q1 2015.