DCOS Purchases the AR60 and AR70 Turret Splicer Design From MEGTEC

Friday, August 29, 2014

KINNA - DCOS Sweden AB and MEGTEC have recently come to an agreement where DCOS will purchase the exclusive ownership, intellectual property rights and inventory of the AR60 and AR70 splicer. The sale follows the decision by MEGTEC to discontinue the turret splicer production in Sweden earlier this year. MEGTEC will continue to provide parts and service support on their installed base of equipment. 

With around one thousand AR60 and AR70 splicers sold over the years, and roughly nine hundred still in operation, is it one of the most widely used splicers, with its reliable design features offering production efficiency. 

“This step was important for our group’s overall portfolio and future offerings, it underlines our commitment to the graphic industry. The AR60/70 platform is extremely well engineered and reliable and I we feel it will fit well with our other offers for this industry, says Mattias Andersson, CEO of DCOS.

“B&W MEGTEC is pleased to work with Mattias Andersson and his team at DCOS. With DCOS now able to provide additional weblines to customers, it offers a distinct advantage to printers who are already running the tried and true AR60 and AR70 splicer. We will continue to support our customers with after-sale parts and services,” said Gerald Norz, Vice President, Global Operations for Engineered Products, B&W MEGTEC.