Classic’s Battle of The Bins Saves Company

Monday, August 25, 2014

Charlotte, NC - Classic Graphics, one of the largest privately held graphic communication companies participated in Battle of The Bins, an internal company-wide competition created by Classic intern Molly Fisher.  The competition ran from July 7th - August 4th.  There were 5 teams (or Classic Rock bands).

Classic intern Molly Fisher, who attends The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, spearheaded the initiative.  Fisher was assisted by Classic intern Marta Jo Sullivan from Clemson University.  “After reviewing all of the recycling invoices from the past year, I realized paper recycling is a huge revenue source for Classic.  An almost effortless one, too,“ explained Fisher.  “To capitalize on this, raise awareness and encourage employees to be more environmentally conscientious, I came up with Battle of the Bins.”

“Marta Jo and I would collect the paper in everyone's recycling bins after work and weigh them in shipping. We updated the website twice a week so everyone was aware of the competition's progress,” Fisher added.  “When I came up with the idea, I didn't really expect much participation,” admitted Fisher. “Soon after kick starting the competition however I saw the employee engagement increase! Without a doubt the Classic Employees made Battle of the Bins a true success story.   If it hadn't been for everyone's enthusiasm, the competition wouldn't have taken off.   Battle of the Bins turned out to be a fun in-house competition that not only raised awareness for sustainability, but mixed things up a bit with some friendly competition.”