EPMS' Enterprise Print Management System Selected by Wright Business Graphics

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Middleboro, MA - EPMS, a market–leading developer of print MIS is pleased to announce that Wright Business Graphics (WBG), headquartered in Portland, OR has selected EPMS’ Enterprise to replace its existing print management system.   Founded in 1970, Wright Business Graphics is a family-owned and operated business that has evolved from a two-person shop to a widely diversified print communications company.  Wright Business Graphics is the west coast's largest, independent print manufacturing company, with more than 315 employees and five manufacturing facilities located in Oregon, Washington and California. The company specializes in a wide range of specialty printed products and  value-added services including: continuous and unit set business forms, traditional sheet-fed and digital color, advanced variable data applications and automated mail processing solutions.

According to Mark Andersen, President and CTO of EPMS , the Enterprise MIS was an excellent fit for Wright Business Graphics.  

“EPMS is very pleased to have the opportunity to work with Wright Business Graphics and we appreciate the opportunity to do so.  Our Enterprise MIS will bring the benefits of information consolidation and streamlined workflow to them, along with the ability to easily manage complex and diverse workflow scenarios.  The broad scope of Wright’s product offerings requires a system like Enterprise that can not only handle any type of print process, but also can combine multiple printing processes together easily.”

Brandon Olson, Director of Operations/Lean Manufacturing, stated that there were many reasons why Wright Business Graphics selected EPMS Enterprise:

“One of the main reasons we chose to partner with EPMS is their ability to facilitate multiple product lines within a single estimating and order entry system.  This functionality provides us the ability to move from numerous, rigid software platforms, to single robust and flexible solution that allows us to accommodate all of our various product lines.  The database structure is intuitive and provides seamless access to all relevant information and the user interface is ‘user-friendly’ and easy to understand.  EPMS also provides detailed documentation for the database diagrams, implementation procedures, and online user training videos.  From front to back, EPMS has shown a desire to help us succeed.’ 

Daniel Adkison, Wright Business Graphic’s President & COO also commented:

“There’s no question that technology is fast becoming one of the key differentiators in our industry.  To a very real extent, our partnership with EPMS will allow us to harness the power and functionality of those technologies to deliver highly efficient, scalable and cost-effective solutions for our customers.” 

Brandon Olson commented further: 

“EPMS also demonstrated that they are committed to continually improving their software solution.  The EPMS team encourages their customers to share best practices and actively solicits their input at annual user conferences.  At the core, it’s about EPMS’ desire to provide value, not just a product.  In the end, we felt EPMS is the type of organization we wanted to partner with in the years to come. We view the people behind the solution as important as the solution itself.   As a company, we focus on operating with honesty and integrity.  In that regard, EPMS has exceeded all expectations”.