Komori Debuts New Lithrone GX40 at Tsukuba Open House

Friday, June 20, 2014

Rolling Meadows, IL - More than 100 customers were on hand as Komori debuted its latest flagship press, the Lithrone GX40, intuitively designed to fulfill a wide range of the most demanding industry requirements. The cutting-edge Lithrone GX40 stands on the pinnacle of Komori technologies and expertise. In addition to extremely stable printing at 18,000 sheets per hour maximum printing speed—even with heavy stock—the Lithrone GX40 delivers enhanced agility for color changeovers, significantly advancing print quality. Its high performance and flexibility make the GX40 ideal for package printing applications as well as the high-quality color applications produced by upmarket commercial printers.

The GX40 can be equipped with a wide range of features for every requirement, including automatic non-stop feeder and delivery systems, new automatic cleaning/washing systems and special configurations to handle complex added-value work. The energy-conserving, space-saving design, along with reduced heat emissions, provides genuine benefits for the environment. In addition, the new GX40 can be equipped with a PDF comparison system, which is ideal for the pharmaceutical packaging market. Once a perfect sheet is achieved, it is scanned with the PDC-SX scanning spectrophotometer and matched to the PDF file. Defect sheets are identified by sheet number—which is applied with the optional Komori inkjet numbering system that numbers every sheet as it enters the feeder. This allows the operator to pull just the defective sheet. This dramatically reduces waste, which is critical in the packaging market.

Features include:

  • High productivity on long runs requiring heavy stock due to stable operation at 18,000 sph
  • Seamless, fast makeready even when using special colors
  • High print quality perfect for deluxe printing work
  • Wide range of machine configurations and specifications
  • Reduced environmental footprint and exceptional ease-of-use 

Komori America president and COO Kosh Miyao stated, “The GX40 leapfrogs competitive presses on the market today. Its advanced capabilities are the result of Komori listening to its customers and adding the features necessary for both packaging requirements and high-end commercial print applications. Watching it in operation, you can clearly see it exemplifies our corporate commitment to kando—exceeding customer expectations.”